Thanks to our wide experience working with clients in the retail sector, the need for a new business unit at Talent Search People has arisen, specialising in the recruitment of profiles in this area. The retail division is specialised in recruiting Point of Sales and Headquarters profiles for important companies with national and international renown. We have a multlingual team who speak many languages at a native level and possess vast experience in the retail sector. Our retail clients include companies working in diverse sectors such as fashion, luxury, supermarkets, department stores, electronics, home, among others.

What are the most common Point of Sale profiles?
-   Floor Manager
-   Department Manager
-   Store Manager
-   Assistant Store Manager
-   Regional Manager
-   Retail Manager
-   Large-scale Store Manager
-   Visual Merchandiser
-   Showroom Manager
Which are the most common HQ profiles?
-    Merchandising Manager
-    Business Development Technician
-    Business/Property Development Manager
-    Buyer/Product Manager
-    Group Leader
-    Procurement Manager
-    Product Manager/Supplier
-    Design Manager
-    Designer
-    Fabric Buyer
-    Supplier Manager/Quality Technician


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