How can Social Media help you to find a job?


Here we take you through 3 simple steps to use Social Media as a tool to help you with your job search.

Step 1- Get Connected

The 3 most popular sites for finding employment are LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Open an account and connect yourself to friends, family and those within your professional circle. When it comes to job hunting, the more connections you have, the better.
Step 2- Be Professional

Think before you upload that photo, status or video. Ask yourself, would you want your future boss seeing that? With up to 94% of employers using social media to screen candidates before hiring, be careful with your content. Think professional!
Step 3- Network

With so many people connected online, it´s a fantastic place to be when looking for a job. Give yourself an extra boost by not only searching for a job, but telling your connections what you are looking for and let them help you. If you show them the best of you, the best opportunities will come. 

Just as job titles become more modern with technological advancements, so do the tools used for job searches. Don´t get left behind! 

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