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Senior Devops Engineer

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Department: IT & E-Commerce


Our client is a global leader in online marketplaces and which offers the best solutions and services for their users.


As a Senior Devops Engineer, you will be responsible for building large systems that scale to support billions of transactions per day and reach millions of people in more than 30 countries.


-As part of the technology group you will advise this group as to which technology stacks / cloud / big data solutions to use
-Automating the operations and production of large-scale distributed systems so no manual intervention is needed eventually
-Help develop an state of the art platform as a service solution using the latest and greatest technologies and approaches (e.g. Mesos, Docker, Microservices, etc)
-Help develop the best possible continuous delivery pipelines supporting features like automated promotion to production, automated canary releasing or blue green deployments
-Forensic analysis and troubleshooting when things go wrong
-Work closely with the engineering organisation making sure that they follow the infrastructure guidelines that you set and help them make design / reliability trade offs and implement systems that fail over gracefully and transparently to clients
-Implement monitoring and logging solutions that enables the production systems to be monitored 24/7
-Respond to requests from engineering by building self-service solutions
-Make sure that any tech solution that you put in place is robust, will scale, and failover / BCP systems are in place
-Deployment and maintenance of databases and data store clusters across multiple datacenters worldwide.
-Liaise with 3rd parties to purchase / license technology that the company needs
-Install, configure, fine-tune, and optimise technology solutions


We are looking for a person with the following qualifications, experience and skills:

-A BSc (or equivalent) degree in computer science
-Strong analytical / problem solving skills
-A strong UNIX background
-The ability to write scripts to diagnose problems (Perl, Python or similar)
-Proven ability and experience developing computer programs (Golang, Java, Python, Ruby or similar)
-Experience in building systems that scale
-Experience with modern deployment tools like Jenkins, Git, Puppet, Chef


-Permanent Contract
-Competitive Salary
-Paid lunches


Víctor González
(+34) 93 231 00 00 (ext. 200)


Víctor González
(+34) 93 231 00 00 (ext. 200)

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