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In this part of Native Speakers we are specialized and focused on positions from Middle Management up to Management positions, which require a certain seniority or Management level. Our consultants in this department, being from the same level, fulfill these positions in different areas and industries. One of the things these positions have in common with the profiles managed by the Multilingual teams, is that they require a certain combination of different languages, being based as well in Spain or in the rest of Europe.

The most demanded languages by our clients are: French, German and Italian. Besides that, we have also been managing selection processes for native Russian, Dutch, Polish, Finnish or Swedish speakers. All these languages were combined with a high level of English and Spanish. We are used to work with different sectors like Tourism, Shared Service Centers, E-commerce and Manufacturing & Services.  

What are the most common profiles in Native Professionals?

Customer Service
-   Sales profiles (Sales Managers, Account Managers, Inside Sales, Country Managers, Area Managers...)
-   Marketing (Marketing Managers, Content Editors...)
-   SSC: Supervisors, Team Managers, Platform Managers, - Project Managers
-  Retail: Store Managers, Assistant Store Managers, Sales Assistants, Designers, Buyers, Product Managers, Stylists, e-Commerce Stylists, etc.
-   Generalist profiles including all mentioned above plus: HR, Finance, Engineers, among others.

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