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Gif Your way to talent

Talent Search People, the first international recruitment consultancy to specialize in
the development of professional growth opportunities.

We stand out in many ways:
We are passionate about what we do

We like to take on new challenges adn we always face them with enthusiasm and eagerness.
We are professional

We conduct our processes counting on precise tools and following a precise selection methodology.
We offer growth opportunities

We are proud to see our young talents growing with Talent Search People and developing their professional skills every day. We believe in talent and in the future.
Our multicultural environment

The fact that our recruitment consultants speak over 26 languages at a native level characterizes TSP, and the variety of nationalities that comes with it contributes ti enriching our corporate culture and inspires our work methodology.

We know that there is always room for improvement; we fight to grow and learn from every step we take.
We trust you Talent

Our consultants once started just like you and gradually evolved into the professionals they are today. We believe that you can too. We believe in your Talent.
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About TSP
Learn more about us:
Talent Search People is an international HR consultancy based in Barcelona, with offices in Madrid and Lisbon.

We are specialized in 5 areas of selection:






We work for various types of companies from Startups to international organizations companies, carrying out the recruitment process for different countries. Unlike any other human resource consultancy, interns and consultants work hand in hand managing international projects for large multinational companies.

Talent Search People also offers personalized In-house services, which consist of one of our consultants working directly from the client's offices. This solution enables the consultant to follow the whole recruitment process and the functioning of an internal Human Resources Department as well as being a direct point of contact for both the cliente and TSP. In the case of RPO Services, we merge with the client's own internal department allowing a stronger collaboration and emphasizing the process' development.

However, it does not end there! You can also join TSP | Consulting, who's services gravitate around the analysis of clients' internal and external corporate practices in order to later develop personalized recuirtment, strategy and emplyer branding services along with our HR teams and marketing and communication department.

We offer you to kick-start your career in a young and dynamic environment, joining a team of more than 25 nationalities, getting involved in real selection processes and gaining valuable hands-on experience. We currently offer a personalized growth plan, which allows participants to develop on both a professional sn a personal level.

We also created our own exchange program between offices in order to encourage interpersonal and professional relationships. Aside from this, our Mentoring Plan was designed to develop leadership skills and team management capabilities, offering a kind of additional training to those people of reference or inspiration for other colleages.
The following want to share something with you about their
experience at Talent Search People

Javier Bondia

Sales Manager
 Talent Search People


"I started my career as a recruiter but later realized that it didn't bring me fulfillment. for this reason, after a one-year internship, I took every opportunity TSP gave me until they named me to the post of Account Manager.

After another year of hard work and positive results, they trusted me for a new role to lead a team of recruiters and I was appointed manager of the Sales & Marketing Divison. I saw that this change was a chance for me to discover different calues and develop new skills that the commercial team did not offer. If my first dream had been to become a commercial, it was clear that my second one was to lead a sales team.

Talent Search People provided me with space and opportunities and keept each and every one of their words and promises, at times even offering more than what I had hoped for. the combination of tenacity, enthusiasm, humility through the search for continuous improvement and flexibility will enable you to overcome any difficulty! 

TSP gave me professional challenges and freedom and these last 5 years have certainly been the best of my life so far! And if you feel well at work, you will feel well at work, you will feel well in your private life too"

Cande Krause

International Recruitment Manager
 Talent Search People


"I started this adventure at TSP some four and a half years ago already. After my twelve-month internship in general selection, I joined the IT&E-Commerce department where I worked as a recruitment consultant for two and a half yers. I had the opportunity to work on a great variety of projects for many national and international clients, developing my abilities to work in a team and manage the relationship with clients as well as working on my leadership skills when I ended up leading a small team.
I was later promoted to role of Manager of our Native Speakers' department (this can only happen here at Talent; this company is truly full of opportunities!

I am still learning and developing on a professional level constantly facing new challenges and am currently managing a team of 40 people, alongside the best colleagues I could wish for and taking part in the amazing project that TSP and everyone who works here forms "

May Hernández

IT Recruitment Manager
 Talent Search People


"I had very little experience in selection when I started working at Talent, but gradually grew to become a consultant in the Sales&Marketing recruitmente team. Just over a year ago, I discovered I was keenly interested in the commercial area and, as Talent always does, they gave me the opportunity to orient my work towards that field.

I therefore started visiting clients and signing agreemtns with new cliente companies, and given my results and interests I was able to join the IT&E-Commerce department as an acoount manager specializing in technological accounts. Shortly after this new turn, I was promoted to manager of the department.

I have only been working at Talent Search People for about four years but looking back, I realize how many changes and opportunities I faced here. I had the chance to meet inspiring professionals, to do business with clients I never imagined I would work with and to participate to the development of the whole company. Moreover, I have been working with amazing colleagues who also became friends because the human quality of Talent's teams is incredibly strong... If I have become the professional I am today, I owe it to Talent and to all the people who were and are part of the company."

Maurizia Di Mascio

HR & Recruitment Specialist


“I entered Talent as an intern in 2012 and continued to grow within a company that not only became a kind of familiy, but also an incredible source of opportunities for continuous improvement. 

I got to manage renowned clients as well as quality projects for companies of pretty much every industry.

I will always be grateful for having had the chance to work on a project for a great gaming company since it provided me with valuable insights about working in that industry. Not only does TSP help you build and develop the confidence and essential skills that are required in any HR role in general; but TSP also allows you acquire valuable knowledge about all aspects of recruitment, through its internal mentoring programs and training activities. This is why I still proud to have taken part in the TSP adventure”

Naida Alonso

HR Generalist


"I discovered Talent Search People in the summer of 2012: they interviewed me for an internship and I pictured myself working there from the very first moment, in the young and dynamic environment with such a friendly atmosphere. 

TSP have me the opportunity to grow profesionally in a short period time, I rapidly assumed managerial responsabilities and got promoted to a team leader position; also allowing me to manage key accounts and clients for TSP. To put it simply, I always felt like my work was valued and that the trust they placed in me greatly contributed to making me who I am today, to grow not only profesionally but also as a person.

In my opinion, Talent is a great company and I recommend it to anyone who is eager to contribute to a meaningful project, to learn and to live a unique experience."

Anna Beltran

Human Resources Specialist
 Otsuka Pharmaceutical S.A.


"From my own point of view, working at Talent Search People was a very enriching experience! Being part of a young and international team in a challenging environment is the perfect combination for one who seeks professional and personal development. Talent is a dynamic company that truly offers an infinity of possibilities, a variety of constructive challenges, new responasibilitieas and so much hands-on experience to provide you with concrete experience in the world of consultancies. I consider my time at TSP to have been a very positive stage of my life and above all a periord of continuous development and great encounters."
TSP's new Talent Academy
Talent Academy is a new project created by Talent Search People, a pioneer in its own sector, which allows the development and professional growth of all our employees, guaranteeing that our clients are provided with the best services.

Assessment Centers
Talent Search People's own internal selection team designs and organizes all our Assesment Centers with the objective of crecruiting the best candidates to join our company. Our Assessment Centers bring a much more dynamism than conventional interviews, allowing potential candidate to interact with each other and work through various group dynamics.

Talent Academy deals with the training of our new recruits, with a special focus on the professional development of these future consultants: they receive a combination of "on-the-job-training" with more theoretical of the best online business schools. Moreover, the senior consultants continue to receive regular training, which ensure the evolution and continuous growth of Talent and of its employees.

Language Lab
More than 25 nationalities are represented amongst Talent Search People's employees. Anyone who wishes to improve/learn a specific language can do so with colleagues, this the creation of our language exchange program. TSP's facilities are at the employee's disposal for them to conduct language classes and discussion groups, once again contributing to the training of our employees on a more informal level.

Erasmus Exchange
If the necessary are met, it is possible to change departments or even to change offices at Talent Search people, either temporarily or indefinitely. This enables our internal talents to get to know other departments of the company and to learn what working there is like, what kind of roles and projects are managed and also to discover where they see more potential for their own development.

Talent Search People's Mentoring Plan aims to detect the strongest figures in each team, beyond the current managers. We look for those who represent a point of reference and inspiration for our consultants and interns, those committed to the company and who spread TSP's enthusiasm, values and culture.