Gonçalo Correia


Posto: Marketing Assistant
Com sede em: Barcelona
Cidade de origem: Figueira da Foz, Portugal
Acerca de mim:  Born in Figueira da Foz (Portugal), Gonçalo is currently working as Marketing Assistant at Talent Search People. 
He studied Marketing Management at IPAM in Lisbon and is living
 his second experience in Spain, after an Erasmus in Barcelona.
Gonçalo finds the positives and works around the obstacles to achieve...

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Joana Mourão


Posto: Country Manager
Com sede em: Portugal
Cidade de origem: Oporto
Acerca de mim: Joana Mourão é a Country Manager de Portugal da Talent Search People. Depois de terminar a sua licenciatura em Psicologia, dedicou-se à pratica clínica e ao Doutoramento na mesma área. A Talent Search People desafiou-a para um projecto de Outplacement que tinham em Portugal e daí evoluiu para Country Manager da sucursal da Talent Search People nesse país....

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Jorge Mandeiro


Posto: Marketing Assistent
Com sede em: Barcelona
Cidade de origem: Portalegre, Portugal
Acerca de mim: Born in Portugal, Jorge Mandeiro was always looking for new discoveries. That led him to live in Holland, Germany and now Spain, where he's currently employed as a Marketing Assistent in Talent Search People.

He studied Marketing & Advertising back in Portugal, and he has successfully concluded his degree. In his eyes, communication is his soulmate, in it's many forms and mediums - from writing to video.

Some years ago, he worked as an Online Content Edi...

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Regina Goiria


Posto: Marketing Strategist
Com sede em: Barcelona
Cidade de origem: Bilbao
Acerca de mim: Regina Goiria es Marketing Strategist en el departamento de Comunicación y Marketing de Talent Search People. Tras terminar su licenciatura en Administración y Dirección de Empresas en su ciudad natal Bilbao, comenzó a trabajar en el mundo de los Recursos Humanos. Ha realizado un máster de Dirección de Marketing y Gestión Comercial, actualmente gestiona el departamento de Marketing de la empresa...

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