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IT Project Manager with a fluent level of English

Localização: Barcelona, Spain

Departamento: Native Speakers


Fast growing company in the financial sector.


- Plan, commence, execute, supervise and roundup assigned projects
- Develop concrete plans for a project, including the timeframe the budget, outlining the duties of each team member and identifying project goals
- Monitor the assigned project to ensure that it remains on track, meets deadlines, stays under budget and develops according to plan
- Make provisions for the progress of the project
- Aim to improve project processes by identifying inefficiencies and recommending solutions
- Responsible for the flow of project information from the project owner to the team and the various stakeholders
- Update information on the project management development, tools, regulations, market demand and likely clients
- Gather and document all project results and report them to the appropriate parties (i.e. upper-level management, other stakeholders)
- Ensure that the procedure, rules, regulations and promulgated laws governing project management are well adhered


- At least a Bachelor degree in a relevant field
- At least 2 to 3 years of experience in the Insurance or Financial sector, doing big projects
- Project Risk management experience (i.e. project description, project span,quality,needed resources,possible risks, relevant regulations, tools)
- Experience in project management methodology (Scrum, Agile, etc.)
- Expertise in executing what the project requires meeting the need of the client and project
- Industry-specific knowledge
- Fluency in English is a must
- High proficiency with standard functions in MS/Office suite
- Proficiency in analyzing solving problems related to projects
- Excellent communication skills (spoken written)
- Proficiency in customer relation
- Experience with communications to different teams and their management who are working under tight deadlines and considerable pressure
- Strong business focus
- Time management
- Analytical, problem-solving thinking
- Strategic thinking
- Facilitation negotiation
- Focus on detail
- Critical thinking
- Personal integrity
- Self-managing proactive
- Interdependent on the team
- Pragmatic


- Competitive salary
- International work environment
- Development and growth
- Traveling involved


Annemarie Hoving
(+34) 93 231 00 00 (ext 129)


Annemarie Hoving
(+34) 93 231 00 00 (ext 129)

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