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The First blog post


Welcome to Talent Search People’s corporate blog! Frankly, this is one of the moments I have been dreaming of since I started to work with the first online marketing initiatives on a sunny spring 2010.  Mood? 100 % THRILLED.

To begin with, I’d like to give the honor those to whom it belongs and introduce our fantastic blogging teams:

Spanish team (from left): Mireia Huguet, Recruitment Coordinator. Francesc Alsina, Marketing Assistant. Cristina Cabrerizo, Senior Business Development Consultant. Lara Martínez, IT & E-Commerce Recruiter. Tiago Santos, IT & E-Commerce Division Manager. Belen Díaz, Recruitment Consultant. Cristina González, Sales Recruitment Consultant.

English team (from left): Laura Lahikainen, Marketing Manager. Sylvia Pascaline, International Recruitment Manager. Arina Butorina, International Recruiter. Zuzana Portelekyova, International Recruitment Consultant. Peter Allegretti, Director or Organization & Communications. Xeniya Volosnikova, International Recruiter. Janika Nurmelaid, IT & E-Commerce Recruitment Lead.

Although we speak more than 20 languages in the company, we decided to blog only in Spanish and in English to keep it simple. Depending on which language you are viewing our website, posts will be in that language by default. By changing the language of the website, you can take a peek in posts written in another language.

Every week our English and Spanish blogging teams will focus on writing about topics related to HR and recruitment. However, as we also have bloggers who specialize in other areas, you may occasionally encounter posts about multicultural team management, bilingual communications strategy, B2B marketing or leading and implementing change. To get to know our bloggers better, please take a look at the “Bloggers” tab on the right side where you can find short biographies of each.

As the old saying goes, the greatest joy is to give joy to others. Our main goal is to offer you valuable, interesting information in our area of expertise by sharing our experiences and best practices. We also hope to provide you with more insights into our team and Talent Search People as a company.  

Your feedback and opinions are most welcome and highly appreciated. To participate, use the form below and send us your comments.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as we enjoy writing it!

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Laura Lahikainen

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