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Thinking of a career change?


So we´re in the year 2013, trying to climb out of an economic crisis whilst dealing with ever changing technologies and trends– where does this leave changes in the job market?

I recently read that only 2% of employees over 40 are working in occupations they planned when they were 18. You might not think that considering a career change in 2013, amidst a continuing global economic crisis, would be the best idea however there are various industries that are continuing to strive and grow through this crisis. Maybe you´re not satisfied with your current career, maybe you fancy a change but don´t know how or maybe there are no jobs in your current industry.

Beneath we can take a look at 2013s biggest businesses and fasted growing industries...So if you are thinking of a career change this could give you some food for thought on where´s best to find your next professional adventure!

Our increasing high-tech demand means that the energy sector has no choice but to grow, especially natural gas, alternative energy and low emission systems for oil, gas and coal. The green and sustainable energy sector is also continuing to grow as people are becoming more and more aware of the need to protect the environment. In the UK alone, the number of people working in the renewable energy sector has increased by 74% since 2010.


Fear not, you don´t have to be a scientist to work in this sector, people are employed in construction and installation, planning and development, support services, operations and maintenance and manufacturing!
3D printing, which allows for creation of 3D solid models and objects from a digital copy, has given way for the manufacturing sector to come into light again. Advanced robotics and other new automation systems that have been developed in this most recent decade have also helped to boost this sector.
Positions in manufacturing typically involve the large-scale management, movement, or analysis of employees and products. They require multitasking, big picture thinking, experience working with complex mathematics and statistics, and an intimate understanding of business efficiency.
We recently surpassed the 7 billion mark in the world’s population, and this, combined with an aging population, has caused a boom in the healthcare sector. We´re not just talking about doctors and nurses in hospitals here but also jobs outside of the clinical setting such as in-home assisted living, weight-loss and fitness coaches, physical rehabilitation therapists...the list goes on. As well as this, there is an ever growing demand for medicine, in particular less expensive medicine, and there for generic pharmacy is a booming industry as well.

The most common profiles found in this sector tend to be Healthcare IT professionals, Sales Representatives, recruiters, marketers and writers!
Mobile apps
Mobile apps and social network games are a new industry with an ever growing user base with Smartphone’s and tablets becoming more accessible as well as the proliferation of social network usage. This industry has provided new entertainment trends and as well as opening up a big job market for developers, marketers etc.

21st century technological developments have left some worrying that soon they´ll be unemployed due to a robot being able to do their job, but rest assure there are many industries that would not (for the foreseeable future anyway!) function without human workers! These include building and construction, maintenance (plumbers, installers etc), sales and customer service, engineers, designers, graphic artists and trainers and educators.
So it may not seem like the best time for a sudden career change, but if you play it correctly it could be the best change you´ve ever made! And with the help of all the job search resources we have these days, such as LinkedIn and recruitment agencies, it couldn´t be any easier.
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