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When is the best time to start a new job search?


We all know the old phrase "There´s no time like the present", but is that still the case when it comes to starting a new job search?

In reality, there´s no right or wrong time to start as active job seekers should always be looking but here are some tips on when is the best time to start a new job search:

1.       When you have enough time on your hands
There´s little point in job searching half heartedly or without creating a good impression, in fact it´s a waste of time for both you and recruiters. You need time to complete various tasks before even applying for jobs, such as updating and perfecting your CV and LinkedIn profile and researching properly into the positions and sectors you´re looking for.
2.       When it´s the right time of year
All industries and positions are different, but for many the summer and festive holiday seasons are the slowest time for recruiters. Although recently this trend has begun to buck, the highest levels of recruitment are still seen outside of the ´holiday season´. Even further into this, it´s often seen that people have a physiological boost when job searching in the New Year – “Out with the old, in with the new” as they say!
3.       Once you´ve done your research
How can you start a job search if you don´t know what you´re looking for? Make sure you know what you want to do and even sometimes for which specific company you want to work for before applying for jobs. This way you can gear your CV and motivation letters around your desired position and industry whilst being knowledgeable enough to answer all possible interview questions.
4.       When your desired industry is thriving
Again, there´s little point in applying to a company if they´re not doing well and therefore not hiring. Make sure the industry you want to work in is thriving (or at least not struggling), not only so they have job offers now but so also in the future you will still have your job and have the opportunity to grow professionally.

5.       When you don´t actually need a new job
Think about the saying “You wait all day for a bus, and then three come along at once”. Sometimes it´s easier to find a new job when you aren´t desperately searching for one. This way you can take your time, making sure you´re really finding the right opportunity for yourself, and in fact being in control.
6.       When you still enjoy your current job
Following on from tip 5, when you dislike your job you can become stressed out and unhappy. If you start your new job search with these negative feelings they could transmit a negative image of yourself to possible future employers, whilst also making you feel bitter about work life in general rather than just your current job.
7.       When you´re in a steady place in your life
Starting a new job requires a lot of input, if you know you won´t be able to give it 100% then yet again there´s not much point in job searching. If you´re going through a big life change such as a pregnancy or divorce for example, it´s usually best to wait until after things have settled down. Starting a new job can sometimes be a major life change, so why have more than one happen at a time!


Your points are so very thoughful I felt inspired to contribute my experience. If i could add one more point to your list I would suggest "Trust the universe". At times, the universe fleetingly presents us with amazing opportunities but we miss them because our minds are too pre-occupied with other self-imposed thoughts and ideals. My first experience of this was when I was presented with an opportunity to work as a management consultant but declined because my mind was fixed on an IT job (which i did get). In hindsight I deeply regretted not accepting the consultancy offer, so I made sure I retained the lesson. Nevertheless, the next time I was unexpectedly presented with an opportunity for a job i had never ever considered, I declined on the basis that I did not feel competent to do it. Luckily the MD of the company insisted saying he saw in me a potential and begged me to reconsider. I thus started an unforseen and blissful 11-year career as a Training Officer working for some prestigious firms in London, Bruxelles and Paris. At other times however, events have conspired to make me frustrated in a job but I resisted leaving, oblivious to the fact I was resisting help from the universe, because I had become so rooted in a 'comfort zone'. There were times despite my best efforts to find suitable work I have faced rejection after rejection and have ended up feeling dejected and depressed. In times like these i have found that if i can somehow summon the humility to accept the universe has its own mystical reasons for placing me in such situations, I very soon regain my confidence and resolve. Life often does not go according to our plans, wishes and earnest efforts but to the degree we can attune ourselves to the subtle directions and help from the universe, new and surprising opportunities await us. Best of luck for 2014. Marco Penne London
By Marco Penne on January 10th 2014

Hi Marco, thank you very much for your comment. It´s great to know you felt inspired by the post and I very much enjoyed reading about your experience with job searching. Best of luck to you as well for 2014. Hannah Moghaddas.
By Hannah Moghaddas on January 13th 2014


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