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Are these the oddest jobs in the world?


Receptionist, electrician, secretary, baker, engineer, lawyer, doctor...It´s possible that if you start naming professions that you´ll never finish, but there are some jobs that we never could have imagined exist!
Whilst the (lucky) majority of us are sat at an office desk 9-5 five days a week there are a few alternative ways that people earn a living.

Here are a few of the world’s oddest jobs, according to theepochtime.com...

Pet Food Taster
We all want to make sure our loveable pets have the best. But did you know that an actual human tries out their food before they do?! Pet Food Tasters are employed in order to ensure quality, digestibility & test the texture of cat & dog food. For obvious reasons this isn´t a well sought out job, however is likely to bring you in a salary of about £25,000 a year.

Dice Inspector
In places like Las Vegas, high stakes ride on the simple act of throwing dice. Because of this, dice makers, casinos and casino governing bodies employee Dice Inspectors who have the job of making sure the dice are perfectly balanced and blemish free.

Odour Tester
Does your deodorant smell good? Well someone had to spend their day smelling armpits until the smell was just right! Not a job for the faint (stomached!) hearted.

Duck Master
In two hotels in America, employees escort ducks to and from the lobby fountain twice a day.    These ducks don´t just get any old treatment, they are marched along a red carpet! It´s been said that Hollywood celebrities have chosen to stay in these hotels to witness this rarity.

Flag Waver
Employees of a hotel in India are contracted to wave flags at guest, with the intention of scaring away pigeons that drink from the courtyard fountain. To make it even better, the flags have a logo of a crossed out bird on!

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