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6 reasons why people who take photos have higher possibilities of succeeding at work


A recent survey on recruitment and candidate profiles shows how those who list photography as a hobby are more likely to be more successful in the workplace. Whether it´s a camera phone, a professional SLR, an old school Polaroid or even an underwater camera it seems that photographers have found the way to get ahead professionally. 

  1. Creative
Photographers are constantly developing their creative side, allowing themselves to be inspired by the world around them. Creativity is contagious, once it starts it doesn´t run out. Creativity grows the more it´s fed. The best thing about being creative in the work place? It leads to new ideas, innovation and enthusiasm.
  1. Observant
Photographers observe the world around them. They are open-minded and have the ability to create something new from a familiar environment. 
  1. Active mind
Always searching for that perfect photograph, photographers have a lively mind. Through a mixture of research, creativity, observation and originality, photographers keep their mind energetic and enthusiastic.
  1. Interact with the world around them
Taking a photo means interacting with the world around them. Asking a stranger if they can take their photo is part of a day’s work for a photographer. Shyness isn´t part of their vocabulary and they know how to engage the people in the right way.
  1. Interested in their surroundings
Have you ever noticed that photographers are some of the most interesting people on the planet? What makes them interesting is that they are interested. Interested in what they are doing, in other people, in their surroundings. Interested people are great people to have in a team, they know how to keep up motivation levels that often lead to fantastic results.
  1. Share their experience
Photographs are taken to be shared. The concept of sharing a vision, an observation, an idea, is the basis of team work. The best team players possess these sharing qualities and know how to value the ideas of others.

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