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The Social Media Personality Guide


Social Media has become integrated in every part of our lives. We share personal thoughts, special moments, our worries, our celebrations. I am regularly shown what my friends are eating for dinner. We share what music we like, our favourite film, the last song we listened to, a photo of a cat, our professional experience, our professional aspirations, our latest purchase, where we are going on holiday, an ice cream we bought on holiday, another photo of a cat.

With so many options for posting, where do we share everything?

Facebook – The Super Social Site.
900,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors

Facebook is the most social site of all social media.
Facebook´s casual atmosphere makes it an open space to express yourself using photos, statuses, following brands, entering competitions, liking pages, liking photos, likeing photos of cats, liking statuses, liking everything. Likes on Facebook create a friendly feel on the site.
Sharing with friends is the key to a Facebook profile. While sharing is caring on Facebook, be careful not to share too much. With 94% of employers using Facebook to get an insight into a candidate, now is the time to change the privacy settings on some of those photos taken on a wild weekend.
LinkedIn – The Professional Page.
255,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors

Are you looking for a job? Opening a LinkedIn account should be your first step. LinkedIn is your online CV and networking tool. Share your work experience and show your skills with your online connections, this is where your market your professional self.
 Your connections should be your colleagues and professional contacts. This is a networking space, open up a dialogue with like minded individuals in your professional circle, share interesting and relevant content.
Can you post a cat photo? Only if you´re looking for a job in the veterinary world.

Twitter – The Chatty Cache.
310,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors

Twitter is a constant stream of mini broadcasts. In no more than 140 characters, Twitter users update their followers with any topic of information they deem to be interesting and relevant.
Twitter is where you go to chat and then chat some more. Join a chat about cats. Short and sweet messages back and forth can create exciting dialogues with the freedom to reach out to anyone on the Twitter network.There have been cases of individuals scoring a job through Twitter but don´t count on it. The Twitter feed for big companies is saturated with hopefuls.
Pinterest – The Image Icon.
250,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors 

Pinterest is the mega host for thousands of images. You pin and save the images that appeal and inspire to share with other Pinterest users. Their mission? To connect everyone in the world through the things that interest them. Pinterest is a hipster, contemporary site and attracts followers of a similar style. 

Here you can find images from every category, food and drink, exercise, travel, art, graphic design, interior design, events, architecture, technology, fashion and yes, there´s even a category devoted to cats. Some images are so modern they don´t even have a category yet. 
Pinterest can work better than a CV if you are a photographer, graphic artist, designer or illustrator by letting you showcase your work in a free portfolio readily available. If you are looking for a job in a modern market, such as young, hip advertising or marketing agencies, having a presence on this site could get you further.
Google + - The Newbie.
120,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors

Google + is considered to be the new competitor to Facebook.
They consider themselves to put the social back into social media. They are a sharing platform between you and your circles with Hangouts, Interests and Communities. It promotes both personal and professional use in a casual, creative and fun atmosphere. Share photos, videos, links, host a video conference or upload a tutorial.
It´s cat photo friendly, but only within your chosen circles.


Our advice for using social media is to be aware of who your online contacts are and how you communicate yourself to them. Could they help you in finding a job? Is there anything you could change in the way that you communicate yourself online that could give your online connections a better idea about yourself? If you haven´t opened a social media account yet, build a profile that could lead you to a purr-fect job opportunity. 


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