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A Guide to Being Inspired by a Mentor.


Here we guide you through how to choose an inspirational mentor and create a motivating relationship in the workplace. Here are 10 tips for becoming a mentee. 

  1. Find the Right One

A mentor is a figure you admire, both on a business and personal level. They will be somebody who is interested in your development and is willing to invest time into your future. Trusting your mentor is essential; choose somebody whose values are aligned with yours. There are benefits from finding a mentor within your company or industry as they are able to provide you with valuable insights. 
Your mentor doesn´t have to be somebody in the workplace. The professional option for a mentor is a life coach but perhaps your best choice is an old professor or family friend. Mentors come is all shapes and sizes.

  1. Invest

Take time to cultivate your relationship with your mentor. Your development is the key to your future, make time now and see the rewards later.
Be proactive and present when meeting your mentor; put your phone away and ask them questions!  A relationship is two-sided; make it a beneficial and enjoyable meeting for them too.

  1. Talent Development

They say that true growth only happens when you leave your comfort zone. Engage in a conversation about a challenging topic. Be honest. Welcome constructive criticism from your mentor- these insights may be difficult to hear at first but they could lead to great changes.
“Criticism is like medicine, it is always given to make you better.”


  1. Goals

Discuss your goals with your mentor. Align your professional goals to your personal values; you will get further doing something you enjoy.
Set long and short term goals. Your short term goals should be the stepping stones that will help you to achieve your long term goal. Maybe you don´t like where you are at the moment, but if it leads to your long term goal then try to enjoy the journey and use your long term focus as motivation.
Goals should be SMART; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. This way, your goals are more achievable and the more you achieve, the more impact your goals will have on your life.  

  1. Wisdom

Your mentor can offer you valuable advice from somebody who has a wealth of experiences. They have encountered failures and successes; listen to the lessons they learned from each one.

  1. Knowledge

If your mentor is from the same industry, benefit from their industry knowledge. Knowledge has been accumulated over years of learning from their industry, experience, colleagues, even from their own mentors.

  1. Contacts

A good mentor will openly share their learnings, but not their contacts. Their contacts will have been established over many years of maintaining good, mutual relationships.  The famous phrase goes Give a man to fish and you will feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime.
A good mentor will tell you how to create and maintain your own contacts, not give you their own.

  1. Performance

Ask your mentor for feedback to help you to improve your performance. An honest relationship between yourself and you mentor results in quality feedback from your mentor about actions to take in order to grow and develop your skills.

  1. Better Together

A relationship with your mentor can be a partnership that both sides benefit from.
In many offices, employees experience a highly competitive atmosphere. In the midst of your colleagues struggling to show their worth, a relationship where you can try another individual from your industry can be refreshing.
One of the benefits of having a mentor is an alleviated feeling of isolation. You are not alone in reaching your goals. When there is someone else supporting you, there is no fear of moving forward into the unknown.
   10.  Become a Mentor  
Pay it forward. Listen to your mentor to grow and develop yourself in both your personal life and professional life. Learn how to become a good mentor to somebody else and cultivate their talents. 

Have you experienced the benefits of having a Mentor? Have you been a Mentor to somebody else? Share your experiences with us for a chance to get them published in the next edition of our blog. 

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