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A recipe for happiness in 2015


Writing- it usually takes me a lot of time and it gives me a headache. Not this time, though. As I have something important to share, the words come easy.

It’s been six months now I started a new job and studies. I was very excited to start both, but then every day I observed how my enthusiasm faded away and that I was 1 step from starting to complain, be tired and stressed. Being negative is exhausting, does not help me to feel better and kills the good vibes around you.

Luckily, I got inspired by books and people I work and study with, and the recipe for happiness is:

WORK ON YOURSELF. Find something that inspires you, find things you care about the most. Take some time to think what your dream job is, and what kind of person you want to be. If you are looking for a good way to start discovering it, here 2 books that can help you a great deal:

7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. Though it has been a bestseller for decades, it is not an easy book to go through. You need to do some serious thinking while you read it, note down a lot of things about yourself. The book was written by Stephen Covey, a guy obsessed by using the rules he put together.

Another great book is “Never Eat Alone”, from a guru of networking, Keith Ferrazzi. It shows how important it is to share with others, let it be good moments, tips, or business opportunities. Just like “7 Habits...”, it encourages you to be the owner of your own life and career.

These books are full of tips and some totally surprising questions. I realize both books are very “American”: they are all about the authors and their achievements. I was surprised when I found the authors shared their mistakes too. Highly inspiring!

Just to sum up: If you work on yourself, trust me, every year is going to be better than a previous one!

What motivates you? Do you have any favourite book, music, video that inspires you when you’re down or frustrated?

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