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The need for specialized profiles in the new business framework


In 2015 companies are facing unforeseen challenges such as having to deal with phenomena such as globalization and digitalization. In this era there is also an increased need to attract specialized talent in different areas of the company. These changing trends in the market mean companies currently demand more specific profiles.
The most valued are sales people specialized in opening new channels as well as those specialized in export. Moreover, profiles specialized in Engineering are highly sought after for developing commercial tasks and combining their expertise with a clear focus on sales. This leads to a market increasingly focused on customer advice and support.
Moreover, a strong demand was also seen in positions related to the development of e-commerce, which today is present in almost all sectors. Companies need to evolve and adapt to new market trends and consumers.
In addition to this, Talent Search People has also detected a strong demand for professionals with a technical background to work in Shared Services Centres in the IT sector.
In the case of Barcelona, the city remains an important centre of attraction for international talent, which is why many multinational companies also choose to open offices and shared service centres in this city. This creates a great demand for professionals with languages in order to serve all the markets in which these companies operate.
The turbulent times in Spain's financial sector are also changing the type of job profiles that are demanded. Factors such as new relationships between banks and businesses, the extension of credit durations, and the arrival of new technologies such as mobile devices are influencing the new labour framework.
Now more than ever we must go for innovation, which is what prevents a company from becoming stagnant, while preserving original values in order to be perceived positively. Depending on the range of functions to be covered by these professionals, the level of responsibility they acquire, the technology used and the various countries in which they work, companies must alter their departments as well as come up with new strategies in order to find the best professionals.

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