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Social Media - to be or not to be?


It is purely your choice, whether to be or not to be on social networks. Nowadays it results more expensive not to be. Though, there are some examples of great offline communication, like my ex-boss, who is not on any social network, but still can easily connect with people in Uganda, Japan or Ireland. If you choose to be part of it, make an effort to do it well!

You see yourself as an expert in social media if you have accounts in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more rarely Xing, Viadeo, Ecademy? You think the list of social networks ends here? Have a look:

List of Social Networks

If you had the patience to go all the way down the list, you probably feel you know nothing of social networks.
Don´t get scared, and for sure don´t get registered in all of them immediately! Here are some tips how to survive in the sea of social networks and not drown. Let me share!

1.       Your Digital Identity. Who are you? Do you sell you products/services or are you looking for a husband/wife? What do you need from a social network? Create your own brand.

2.       Type of network. Personal or corporate? General or vertical? Do you represent yourself or your company? If you can´t decide – create your private profile and a Facebook fan page for your business!;)

3.       Coverage of the network. Check the ranking of the page (Alexa ranking) and the number of members (100 million users networks) before registering! Do you need to be in a network with ten members only? Yes, if Barak Obama and Vladimir Putin are among them! If not, LinkedIn with more than 120 million members is always a good option.

4.       Participate actively. If you start a blog o create a fan page, manage your community. Give feedback and provoke discussions. In the end, a blog is for people to share and communicate.

5.       Content and frequency. Don´t create infoxication (information+intoxication), it is easy to create a viral effect from a twitter post, but there should be content behind it. Even Twitter can´t handle everything! You decide if you post a blog entry once a month o tweet every minute, but be consistent.


Never believe people, who say social networks are for free (even if it´s Mark Zuckerberg himself). You do not pay to register, connect or post information. Have you calculated the time you have spent online, the salary of your community manager or the price of your new Leika for more creative photos on Flickr? Bear that in mind!

P.S. If any of you good people out there has an invitation to aSmallWorld, you know where to find me!;)

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