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In-house recruitment model


Currently there are two different forms of recruitment: external and internal recruitment. In recent years a new recruitment model that combines both has emerged called: In-house recruitment model. 

Talent Search People always counts on implant services, which lead to implement our most experienced recruiters directly in the offices of our customers. Each selection process is designed with the needs of each of our clients in mind.

Having implants within your company provides the following benefits:

- Qualified expert personal in the selection process and focused on sought profiles.

- Reduced time of the selection process: when all the tools and time spent on this task are provided, the results are visible in less time.

- Improve your employer branding: achieve the loyalty of human capital and display the company as an ideal place to work.

- This model certainly has a great advantage, which is consistent during its course because, the recruitment process is passed to a third party and therefore the HR department can focus on problems and processes relating to the company’s existing staff.

It is with no doubt the model is innovative and ideal when it comes to attracting passionate and talented candidates who can help the progress of the company.

If you want to know more about our implants service, send us an e-mail to: inhouse@talentsearchpeople.com

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