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How to become more employable?


The job search can be really frustrating. There is nothing more depressing than looking for a job, sending thousands of applications and improving your CV without getting any feedback. Looking for job through the internet usually takes longer than doing it through references.

However when you come to a new country the most common and realistic way to find a job is doing it online. You may be asking yourself why it is not taking you anywhere. A fair question. You speak languages, you have a degree and relevant work experience but the recruiter still doesn’t get back to you. The work market has changed dramatically during last few years. The financial crises and development of social media have influenced it a lot. So how can you become more employable and stand out among other job seekers?

1.       Change your attitude

A recruiter can pick on your attitude even before interviewing you. Focus on your CV, keep improving it until you are satisfied with it yourself. The way you talk on the phone counts, for a lot. A recruiter does not call you to hear you mumbling and questioning what you want. Be positive and confident in yourself. I´m not a follower of the idea “positive thinking is everything” but in this case I have to admit that a positive attitude is very important. Optimistic people attract much more rather than depressed ones and it increases your chances of getting a job.

2.       Honesty and Integrity

Honesty is a very important thing. Never lie on your CV. I know that some small lies can make your CV look better but… if you write in your CV that you are bilingual in English be sure that your English is really bilingual. Studying in London for a couple of years or learning it in school for 12 years doesn´t make your English bilingual. When you come for an interview, the recruiter will check your language level. Adding some work experience on your CV which you don´t actually have can have a negative influence as well. A recruiter can ask you questions regarding this experience which you don’t have answers to or you can get confused with the dates indicated on your CV. Be honest in your CV and try to impress a recruiter with something rather than lies.

3.       It´s about quality, not about quantity

Sending as many of your CVs as you can for different job offers doesn’t increase your chances of finding a job.  Think about it this way. When you open your mail and you have loads of mails, do you read all of them? Not really. You read them only if you know the sender or if it catches your eye. The same with a job search. A recruiter receives loads of emails every day and in case he/she sees that it doesn’t fit the job offer then what’s the point in losing time. Killer questions on different job portals there for a reason. If a recruiter asks you “Are you native French?” or “Do you have two years of experience in Sales” it means that this recruiter is not looking for Spanish people with high level of French and experience in Customer Service but a French person with experience in sales. Try not to send the same email to several recruiters just putting all of them in copy. Everyone can see it and it creates a certain impression of you as a candidate.

4.       Polish your online skills

The quality of your online skills is crucial for the modern professional world. It is becoming more common to search for a job through the internet rather than through other means. Don´t be lazy about filling in your profile on different job portals. Update your status on LinkedIn and Twitter. Get rid of inappropriate photos from Facebook. Try to be professional online and don’t put too much personal information on your social media pages. It can work against you professionally.

5.       Accept the situation

Stressing yourself out and being anxious will not take you anywhere. Eventually it will decrease your chances for a success. Being in an anxious state, will not allow you to present yourself the way that you would like to and will be noticed by people around you. Your job search has to be planned and structured. Has to be taken seriously and judged objectively. Believe me, you are not alone in looking for a job. The most important thing is not to stand at the same place but constantly to move forward. If you are moving and acting it will take you where you want to go. Sometimes it’s just a matter of time, patience and effort.

In the end, don´t forget that job stress can lead to health problems. Plan your actions, believe in yourself and do your best. In the end you will find the job you are looking for and may even miss those times when you could stay in your bed until midday and didn’t worry about ironed shirts. Enjoy every second of your time no matter what life stage you are in, and it will help you to make your dreams more fun and enjoyable.

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