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Mobile Recruitment


Being online wherever and whenever you want has already become a standard in today's society since the “Smartphone Generation”. However, since 2015, smartphone job searches represent over 70% of all job searches, and this number is still increasing. Most of these smartphone users declared that they would be willing to apply for a job through their mobile, if there was such an app that allowed it to be quick and simple.

These numbers are changing the whole recruitment industry and making recruitment agencies and employers react. Innovative and user-friendly job search apps are now flooding the market. Both sides can benefit from these trends: employers / recruiters as well as job seekers are able to find best results for themselves and their companies in the fastest manners.

Mobile Recruitment

Why use an app when searching for a job?
There are plenty of arguments to start your job search from your smartphone.
But one of the most important ones, is to stay updated through notifications about incoming job offers which match your profile or notifications regarding the selection processes that you might be involved in with positions that you have already applied for.
Using your time efficiently is crucial in today's fast-paced world; waiting for the bus or taking the metro can get you one step closer to finding your dream job. One-Click-Applications are the key innovation.

- User-friendly and simple ways to apply for vacancies.
- increasing the quantity and quality of matching offers
- receive updates within seconds
- free and unlimited search possibilities

Why should you use an app to publish your Job offers?
Do you want to bring your company to the next level? Then you need to find the right people!
Being attractive and visible for future employees will bring your company the best suitable candidates to fill your vacancies.
Follow the trend: in 2015, smartphones were the most commonly used tool for job searches.

- 2015: smartphones were the most commonly used tool for job searches
- increasing the quantity and quality of appropriate candidates
- attractiveness for potential candidates
- simplify the identification process
- increasing visibility

Let your phone find your job
Jobaroundme is a job search app, which allows you to look for the job of your dreams in your area.
With just one click you can connect to your account through your LinkedIn or Facebook Profile.
The App uses your profile to find the best offers for you. Get notifications or search for a job while you are having a coffee in a café.
Thanks to its innovative technology, Jobaroundme has become the leading Job Search App in France.

Download is available in your App Store and in Google Play.

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