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Job Search with Instagram


LinkedIn and Facebook are already mandatory if you want to stay up-to-date in today's online job world. All big and small companies now also have their own Instagram account, as a research medium its definitely a must. But could you also use your Instagram to promote yourself?

Job Search with Instagram

It depends...

If you are a financial analyst, your instragram account will not bring you to the next level. But a Graphic Designer, a Tattoo Artist or a Hairstylist could avail themselves of using instragram.

I guess it´s obvious that your weekend party pics have nothing to do on your instagram account, if you expect to find a job with it. 

Just add photos which are related to your job, for example an architecture student could create inspiring content with architecture pictures of his daily life, his pencil sketches and prototypes.
Think about what could make your account special, what kind of content is appropriate depending on your line of work and give it a personal touch.

Make sure that your privacy button is turned off so that everybody is able to have a look at your gallery.

Connect to other like-minded professionals to increase your visibilty for potential employers or collaboration partners.


Create your own brand and add your personal hashtags, for example if you are a cook upload pictures of your well-prepared meals and post them with hashtags that include your name.


If you got to the next step and a company invited you for an interview, you could also use Instagram for your research. "Stalk" (just kidding ;) ) search properly for a few of the employee and manager accounts to get more information about how they are connected to their company and what their personal preferences are.

Good luck!

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