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It`s all about motivation


....and another day with no response, with no accepted LinkedIn request and my motivation is below zero. Writing hundreds of cover letters and spending a huge amount of time in networking with no results.

Stop! It´s time to change your tactic. Quality is THE keyword for 2016, both for employers and anyone else hiring, as well as for YOU!

Focus on what you would really like to do and set yourself small reachable goals, like 3-4 job vacancies a week. Quality before quantity. Spend your time being focused and efficient, writing and networking for these short-listed potential positions instead of writing hundreds of pages. Don´t find jobs, find THE job.
Additionally you can register on recruitment company websites, they can help you look for your dream job in their huge databases. Also they are often the first ones to know about new job vacancies.

Leave the path you thought was the right path. Look around, look for people who have reached the goal you are trying to reach. Find people who have the job you would like to have and look at their paths. There are thousands of people who jumped on the career ladder or who took an unexpected route to their position.

Ask your friends and family to criticize constructively, your biggest fans can be the your best criticizer.
Show them your CV or your linkedIn profile and see how you can improve your online presence.

Do something else... Enjoy a coffee in the sun, read your favourite gossip magazine or empty your mind by doing sports. Focusing on one thing for days can sometimes prevent you from seeing the important things.

And now, go for it!

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