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Flexibility at work


Flexible working?


Have you ever heard about it? 

The Northern countries are pioneers when it comes to this topic, which is a flexible timetable adapted to your personal needs.

The tendencies for 2016 are shifting towards offering more flexibility in terms of working hours.

But will companies achieve their objectives with this new freedom given to their employees?


There are many benefits for companies to offer flexible working hours; these include a lower rate of employee turnover, higher employee satisfaction and engagement levels, improved performance and productivity as well as a better quality of health for employees in general.

Studies prove that satisfied employees achieve their goals more easily, because it allows them to reach a better equilibrium in their work-life balance.


In general, the tendencies are evolving towards more regular changes in the workplace. This means that employers need to react and improve their brand image, increase their attractiveness for their employees. One solution could be flexible timetables.


There are different options regrading flexible schedules, part-time work and flextime work are the most common ones. A flextime work policy allows employees to organize their schedule and to determine their working hours following their own initiative. Many companies offer to start between 7am-10 am and to finish between 4pm-7 pm. Part-time schedules are often very attractive for mothers who would like to start working again after their maternity leave. A new model of part-time work was even created recently to allow two people to share one position.


Big companies like Yahoo already revised their working schedules and also gave their employees the option to work from home.

These are bright perspectives for employees and companies who have to face new challenges today; the incorporation of additional flexibility in corporate structures will lead to a win-win situation. However, a flexible system needs to be well planned in order for it to result in improved productivity and optimized performance. Get started now!

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