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What will the graduate employment market look like in 2016?


Good news for our graduates in 2016!


The job market is taking a new turn and the future looks brighter for young graduates. It is a slow process and for now it is observed mainly in big cities, but there are significant changes and this is the most important thing.

The number of students choosing to continue with higher education is increasing every year and it has reached a new record; in fact the waiting lists for many universities in various European countries are getting longer and longer. It's all up to the companies now, they have to create new positions for graduating students who represent an important part of the workforce and who are also the future of these same companies given the amount of baby boomers who are about to retire. Of course, there will be always graduates who struggle with finding a job, no matter how much the situation improves in the next few years: in some cases it can be justified because there is little demand for profiles with their specialisation in the current market and in some regions, that specific market doesn't even exist.


A remarkable example is the situation of the job market for graduates in the UK.

According to the High Fliers' Graduate Market Report for 2016, the number of job vacancies for graduates are also increasing. In 2008 and 2009, despite the global crisis, job opportunities for graduates represented about 24,5 % of the offers on the UK market. These figures have kept increasing since then and recently reached 35,8 %.


To sum up, the graduates can leave their universities with more hope and optimism to find the job they have already worked so hard to get.

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