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Living stress free, working effective


Stress at work?
Everybody knows it, but there are two contrary sides. 

Stress brings us to high performances and lets us manage the often very high workload.

The problem is getting through the day like this. How can we release this stress?


In google´s head office in Dublin the employees have the possibility to participate in monthly meditation classes. A Tibetan Buddhist monk teaches mindfulness, the awareness of your body, feelings and your thoughts.


This awareness can help us to reduce stress, to improve our ability to focus, to increase our concentration and to lead us to a positive mindset.


Let things go!

A relaxed positive mind, will lead to confidence and this gives us the chance to let things go. Going through our day full of anger about our boss or our colleagues will make us stressed.
Stress will make us age faster and causes sickness. It´s a rotating cycle and you can decide if it´s positive or negative.


For how long and how often should we meditate to achieve significant results?

Minimum 15 minutes a day is advisable.


Over all we can say that meditation makes you a better person and good people will keep on going in this world!

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