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Pitch with Talent


And once again our Talent Search People Team invited young professionals to make the first step towards their dream job. The participants had 5 minutes to present themselves in their best professional and personal way to our consultants. Directly after it, they got positive and ways to improve critical feedback.The young talents had the chance to practice their pitches in an authentic environment, similar to a real  interview. 


But how does one prepare them self in the best possible way in order to find the job they are wishing to find?


Here is the best basic advice from our consultants:


1. Stay updated! 

Your CV, LinkedIn profile and all other online job portal accounts should be up to date.


2. Pick a choice!

Delete all unimportant and old things out of your CV and your presentation.


3. Keep your eyes open!

There are so many job fairs, networking events and career trainings, where you could meet the right person for the right job.


4. Be yourself!

Nobody wants to meet the perfect “fairytale princess”, which is just an ideal match to all existing standards. Find a good balance between professionalism and personality, capacity and weakness, as well as seriousness and humor.



Pitch with Talent was not just an opportunity for personal improvement, now the candidates have the possibility to enter our database for future job vacancies and step into the next level.

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