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How to answer the question "Tell me about yourself"?


We are not use to list our strengths or detail our achievements in our day-to-day life. That’s why when it comes to a job interview, we can be discontented and lose our livelihood. The best way to no stay speechless is to prepare your answers.

The interviewer job is to pick the best candidate, so when he asks you to tell him more about yourself, you have to show him what makes you stand out from other candidates. You have to identify the key points your interviewer is most interested in.

So be prepared! Take a good look at the job description and do as much research as you can about the company, and its values. Once you have done it, list your strengths and skills and focus on which one you should bring on.

Don’t waste your time diving into a long recitation. Be specific, and use concrete examples. Elaborate what is written on your resume and talk about the "how," and also about what skills you earned with your experiences. Present some nice objective facts that demonstrate your point.

You should also remember that the interviewer doesn´t want to hear about your intimate life. It´s not the place to talk about your partner or your dinosaurs’ collection! Stay focus on your working abilities and link your hobbies with work assets. For instance, if you play an instrument you can say that you´re constant and purposeful because you´ve have been playing this since many years.

Instead of describing yourself from your point of view, you can also quote formers employers or colleagues. Quoting someone from the work environment show that you left a good impression and that you have reliable sources that the interviewer can check.

Finally, don´t forget to smile and show enthusiasm! Good luck! 

How to answer the question Tell me about yourself? - TSP Blog

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