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Less boss, more leader


Whether you are the head of a department or you find yourself in charge of a group of people, you need to know that there’s a big difference between being a boss and a leader and that you will definitely get the most out of people if you keep them motivated, giving the example and leading their way to success.

to be a leader
First of all, you should understand the difference between these two roles so you can focus on your strengths and work on your weaknesses. While a boss will use power as a weapon and act both distant and controlling, a leader would never use it as a threat and should trust his/her team encouraging interaction and participation between each other. In addition, a boss will feel superior, won’t tolerate mistakes or being contradicted, while a leader will feel part of the same team and show himself/herself open to dialog and debate.

It’s like a good orchestra director, it’s all about leading people to achieve more, administrating resources in the most efficient way possible and driving organizational success along with team members’ outstanding performance.

After this, you may see the advantages of being a leader (both professional and personally speaking). It doesn’t matter if you are a natural leader or you’re learning along the way, we encourage you to follow these tips to develop your leadership potential:
  • - First of all, show an exemplary character. Don’t just say things and expect people to do them, act according to your words. This will show commitment and honesty.
  • - Show passion for what you do, every day. If you want to motivate others, they should see you as a role model and not a person to be afraid of.
  • - Be confident but still opened to suggestions. Best solutions are found within the interaction of several point of views.
  •  -Be ethic and transparent in everything you do.
  •  -Give credit to team members. It is important to have constant feedback and fluid communication.
  •  -Last but not least, be clear about goals and what you need to achieve. Knowing where you are and where you want to be, will inspire others to follow you and participate in the process.

Market is changing and so the way people should be motivated. Don’t worry if you find yourself more related to the boss figure, you can always change to turn into a leader and become the ambassador of a new era for your company!

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