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The state of the IT market - 2011


I would like to share with you the Modis International report “The state of the IT market – 2011”

This report is based in a survey conducted with senior IT decision makers from 110 companies and the underlying conclusion drawn from the research was that strategy, commerciality and cost-effectiveness were the primary drivers for IT in 2011.


The study is divided into 5 different chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Perception and the role of IT
  • Chapter 2: IT workforce issues
  • Chapter 3: Recruiting your IT workforce
  • Chapter 4: The changing face of IT
  • Chapter 5: Human resources comparative

These are the main report findings:

• The state of the IT market report 2011 saw a number of key findings and themes identified by heads of IT and Human Resources Directors (HRDs)
• Many of the results were expected. The report found that limited funding and budget cuts due to economic turmoil is stretching IT departments. IT heads concluded that cloud computing and social media would continue to be the biggest innovation in 2012. We found that IT are increasing their strategic influence in the boardroom and that commerciality and strategic thinking are two of the core attributes to any new IT recruit.
• Some findings came as a surprise; IT departments don’t view cultural fit as a key characteristic when hiring new recruits and HRDs seem to hold IT departments in higher regard and more important in shaping the strategic direction of their organizations than IT do themselves.
• The report highlights that IT has come a long way from being a tactical and reactive service, evolving into a proactive and strategic force in the board room. The next challenge for IT is becoming clear communicators, and learning to celebrate success and achievement to the wider business.

I strongly recommend all IT lovers and curious to take a look at this interesting report. I think this study may help people to understand the trends of IT market and the main changes operated at this sector in the past years and also how linked is the IT world with business nowadays.

You can find the whole report at the following link:

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