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Tips for a good phone interview


Nowadays it is usual that recruiting processes start with a phone interview, or what HR people call: a “phone screening”. This first approach will give the recruiter a general view of every candidate to make a first decision about who will pass to the next step.

We know it may catch you by surprise: in a very bad timing, working or even sleeping; and that this can make you nervous to the point that words won’t express what you really want to say.

Follow these simple tips to succeed at a phone interview and find your next job like a professional!

Phone interview
First contact:
  • - Try to maintain calm. Answer with confidence.
  • - Sometimes it’s just a first approach, not a real interview.
  • - Be sure that you find a place where to take the call with a minimum comfort. If impossible, it’s always better to ask the recruiter to contact you some minutes later.
  • - Show interest.
  • - Always ask for a contact email and write it down.
  • - Gather information about the company.

During phone interview:
  2. - If it’s a planned phone interview, find a place where you have silence and comfort. Be sure you are not going to be interrupted.
  3. - Try to remain seated, if you start walking around while talking, you will increase your nerves.
  4. - Have a copy of your resume close to you as well as paper to write notes.
  5. - When talking about your professional experience, do it in a chronological order.
  6. - Choose your words, meaning “sell yourself”
  7. - Speak calmly
  8. - Smile even if they can’t see you. This will be definitely be perceived.
  9. - Do not interrupt when your interlocutor is speaking. Wait until he/she finishes to answer.
  10. - Show enthusiasm through your words.
  11. - Write down all your doubts and ask all the questions you need.

Although a phone interview call may catch you by surprise, now you can be sure that you will make it through with no problem at all!

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