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How to improve your daily work?


Today the most important at work is productivity and effectiveness. But sometimes it can be difficult to manage to focus and deal with all the tasks you´re asked. Here is the list of some advice you can use to improve your daily work:

1/ Start the day with a Positive Thought
If you go to work thinking it´s going to be a good day, there are a lot of chances that it will be! Take the time to notice the good things and get the more from these. It raises our overall satisfaction with life and helps us have an overall positive outlook. It also appears that it could increase our ability to achieve our goals.

2/ Get organized and stop trying to multi-task
Make a list of what tasks are the most important. Classify your projects per importance will help you to focus and respect the set time. Projects that have a “today or tomorrow” deadline should be done first. Once finished, you can start your “next week” projects so as to take it with time and not be overwhelmed when comes the deadline. Be punctual and don’t postpone. If you set daily and weekly goals, you´ll know how to go through your day and you´ll be pleased and satisfied once there´re achieved.

How to improve your daily work? - Talent Search People

3/ Ask question
What if I changed my pitch/tone/content/brand or message? What if I did this differently? What if there is a faster, easier, more effective way to achieve the same results? Whatever the question you ask is, you need to constantly challenge the status quo and enquire of yourself and of others, whether you are really working as productively as you possibly could. Keep those questions in mind and never think that things can’t be improved.

4/ Focus on listening
More you listen actively, more you´ll know how you must work. Indeed, you can know by listening, the expectations of your boss. As you know what he wants, your job is to determine how you have to get there.

5/ Put your heart in it
If you´re not at 100% in what you´re doing you are likely not to be performing optimally. Make sure your values are being reflected and respected in what you do and that you see the meaning in it. If you do things with passion, you´ll do it better, and not see the time runs.

6/ Take breaks
Taking several breaks can actually help improve concentration. Some research has shown that taking short breaks during long tasks helps you to maintain a constant level of performance; if you stay working on the same tasks without clearing your brain, you will lose all your focus.

7/ Clean Up Your Space
Organized in your space, organized in your head. Avoid mess and make the space around you very clear. If you can reach everything easily you won´t lose time.

8/ Forge strong relationships with your colleagues
If you get on well with your colleagues you´ll be better at work. Some studies shown that having a good relationship with your team workers improve your working abilities. Indeed, the environment where you work influence a lot. Try to make some activities out of the office with them, to create bonds while you are at the coffee machine and make clear that if they need any help, you´ll try as much as you can.

9/ Snack smart
The brain needs plenty of good fats to function at its peak. An apple or some avocado with bread will help you to stay focus until lunch.

10/ Decorate your desk to increase your positive attitude
Some studies shown that if you put some photos of baby animals like cats or dogs, you can increase productivity by up to 15 percent. You can also bring some flowers, cactus or anything that can make you smile.

Take care of what you think you have to do to increase your productivity. Don´t full your agenda by working more hours. Take some distance, try some of this advice and think about ways you can work smarter, not harder.

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