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How to find your dream job?


“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” (Confucius)

Your perfect job includes different factors such as daily tasks you want to complete, a workplace culture where you want to grow and benefits you can enjoy.

It can be difficult to know which one’s made for you. Relax, you probably have more than one dream job.
How to find your dream job?
List all the jobs you have worked at in your life
Select the one you loved the most and think why you loved it, and also, what would you have changed to make it your dream job.

Make a list of what you want
You should find all the qualities of your dream job and prioritize them.

Don´t look at the heading title of the offer
Be careful while reading the job posting and the company’s description. Coming to the interview, ask question about the daily work they expect from you.

Think outside your comfort zone
Don´t hesitate to look for other field different from yours (this also applies for job offers abroad).

Use LinkedIn
LinkedIn can be a great resource in helping find the perfect job.

Build relationships with people who have your dream job
What better way to determine how good your dream job actually is than from asking it directly from someone living it. Think of the competitive advantage you will gain having a network of friends in the industry.

Maintain a positive attitude and don’t give up
Searching for a job can be discouraging at times, but the worst thing to do is to give up. It is common to hear more “no’s” before hearing “you’re hired”. Be confident and stay positive, if you work enough, you´ll reach your goal!

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