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How to find back your motivation


You´re struggling to get out of bed? You feel frustrated and jaded at work? Don´t worry, it´s normal to have a downturn in motivation sometimes. A lack of motivation is a complex issue because there are likely many factors contributing to it and it´s often difficult to identify the true problem, and not to stay focused on appearances.

If you feel that your work is repetitive and boring, remember why you wanted to do it in the beginning. Why, when the company offered you to work with them, did you say yes? When you accepted the offer, you saw benefic assets for you in this job. Ask yourself what they were, and if they´re still true today.

How to find back your motivation
Don´t think about the difficulties and focus on the reasons to work, not the reasons not to. Set you a goal and think of it every day. How is your current job helping you to reach that goal? Stay focus on it, and see all the benefits you´re going to have through your work, such as new skills, experience, a network (and yes, money). Don´t give up because you had a low day or a low week. Just try harder and remember that in any work, you can have this feeling of non-sense and this loss of motivation. A lot of factors are influencing you. So you really should ask yourself the good questions. And try to figure out if you´re not feeling done because of an element of your work but not your work itself. You also can have this feeling because of an exterior element. Something what happened to you, or even just a lake of sleep can have repercussion on your mood and then on your work.

If you´re just feeling a little bit down, a few things can make your motivation comes back. Start with baby steps; first in your life. For instance you can read a book, listen to music or watch something that inspires you. These simple daily things can improve your mood and put up again an optimistic look on your life. You can also thing about having a massage or something similar if within your budget. If not, choose self-care that is free, such as taking a bubble bath, or practicing yoga. Refuel yourself as you charge up your phone. Taking care of yourself will make the difference on your mood.

In your work, you can start with some simple things. For instance, you can decorate and turn your work space into a good and supporting environment. Moreover, most studies show that we mainly work to have the sensation that our work matters, more than for money. Start to think that your work makes the difference, that you matter. Ask for feedback. Keep the communication open with your manager. It is the key, because without communication with your boss, you´re just guessing what he is expecting from you. Which makes you confuse and frustrated. If there isn´t any communication, you can create it. Don´t hesitate to ask question so as to be sure of the tasks you are demanded and get all the satisfaction of your work. And remember what Michael Jordan said: “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying”.

Finally, let others motivate you. You can go to see your colleagues and ask for help. You´ll be much better if you get along with your coworkers. Camaraderie at work can create “esprit de corps,” which includes mutual respect and admiration to push for hard work and outcomes. Friends at work also form a strong social support network for each other. The feeling of making part of a group, and that you can count on your colleagues gives you the motivation to, at least, go see your coworkers. And you´ll work because if they don´t let you down, neither will you.

Don´t give up, and if you give the best you can, you won´t have any regret. 

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