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What you should never say or do at work


What you should never say or do at work?
Some sentences and acts forbidden at work. What you should never say or do at work? Follow this tips:

Never gossip about other people
At work, we don’t have time for such high school drama. We are focused on our work and on acing whatever we are doing. Instead of gossiping, you should be spending your time and energy of your tasks and use your working hours, to work! Talking behind someone´s back is useless, coward, and if it begins to be a habit, it can cause you a quite bad (yet deserved) reputation.

Don´t make excuses
“I got late because of this”, “I won’t be able to submit the report because of that”, “I won’t be able to…” – are words no one wants to hear. You shouldn´t reach a point where you need to make excuses. You can have problems sometimes, but with anticipation you can avoid being late or not accomplishing your work.

Don´t complain about how much work you have
You signed for this work, so you should try to like it.  Anyway, we expect you to finish your work at time, and not be overwhelmed with your tasks. Prepare yourself, and go with the flow. Instead of losing your time saying you have too much work and lose your motivation, try to be the most efficient so as to finish in the deadline.

Don´t talk too much about your personal life
You should remember that you´re at work to work. It seems to state the obvious, but even if it´s pleasant to get along well with your colleagues, you shouldn´t talk too much about your personal life in the workplace.

Never say no to a learning opportunity
Don’t feel shy even in learning something from someone who is junior to you at work. Learning and experience can be gained from anywhere, at any point. And that one should not let go of the opportunity. Learning new methods and adopting new ideas will make you successful.

Don´t say that it isn´t fair
Everyone knows life isn´t fair. Injustices happen on the job and in the world every day. Whether it’s a troubling issue at work or a serious problem for the planet, the point in avoiding this phrase is to be proactive about the issues versus complaining, or worse, passively whining. Instead, document the facts, build a case, and present an intelligent argument to the person or group who can help you.

Of course there are a lot of other expressions or sentences you shouldn’t say (it seems obvious to clarify that for example you can´t be rude or you shouldn´t insult people) but up here are the most important things you shouldn´t do or say!

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