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How to not let stress affect you?


Stress can be positive for your work and life, but when it becomes negative you have to react quickly to not let it disturb you in your day to day.

We experience stress when we feel that situations are out of our control, most of the time we become irritable and it has an impact on our health and sleep. Here are some ways to not let you get overwhelmed by stress.  

How to not let stress affect you?
  •  - Breathe! Deep breathing will restore balance, and help you focusing on yourself and not your stress.
  •  - Do one thing at a time and eliminate interruptions.
  •  - Don’t make mountains out of molehills.  Don´t create extra drama, overthink or create a problem out of something that doesn’t matter that much.
  •  - Ask instead of guessing. Misunderstandings lead to problems from all parts, that´s why you have to communicate instead. You’ll have a lot less unnecessary conflicts, negativity and more time to invest.
  •  - Prepare your bag and outfit before going to sleep. It may seem nothing, but it will save you a few minutes in the morning and help you to organize to get to work.
  •  - Don´t let yourself be surrounded by anxiousness. Don´t let your colleagues communicate their stress.
  •  - Don´t participate in gossips or bad atmosphere of the office.
  •  - Try to figure out exactly what is making you unhappy. Is it a co-worker? Is it your job? Once you´ve identified the problem, it will be easier to find the solution.
  •  - Stop procrastinating and organize your work.
  •  - Be a fighter because feeling like a victim will just increase your stress and make you feel depressed.
  •  - Disconnect over the weekend. Do things you love, things that not have anything to do with your work. See some friends and exercise so you let your body expulse all the negative toxins.
If you really can´t stand anymore your work, take a break and go on holidays or think about making a career change.

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Hello, my name is Drabuziu Taisymas
 Very interesting piece!! Stress is a normal response to difficult situations. We often confuse it as some form of mental pressure caused due to our own inability to deal with things. But that’s not what it is. Stress is not an action, it’s a reaction. Stress is our reaction to various external factors. Before we get to the whole coping part, first we need to understand a few things about stress that are essential.
According to me Stress is not always bad. Stress is the body’s way of reacting to a challenge. When faced with a tough situation, there are a whole lot of reactions that the body goes through. Increased pulse rate, adrenaline boost, faster response to stimuli and among those, stress is one. But the same stress that ‘stresses us out’, also makes us quicker and more prone to handle situations better. Stress makes us do our best. So it isn’t always a bad thing.
By Drabuziu Taisymas on November 14th 2017


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