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Why is Employer Branding important for companies?


Employer branding is born as a result of merging Human Resources and Marketing. Its core function is to make the company appealing to potential candidates and current employees. In our new fast-paced and technology focused world, the job market has made a 180 degree turn. Now that some candidates are in the position of choosing between different vacancies and companies, Employer Branding is an important tool to make you stand out in the market place and be chosen by those potential candidates.

So, why is it important for companies to have an Employer Branding strategy in place? To be the best in the market you need the best talent working for you. By using this strategy to make your company more visible and appealing, candidates will choose you over a rival company in the sector. A company’s vision and values, salary conditions, daily functions and environment, flexibility, opportunities of growth and stability are some of the main conditions valued by current candidates when choosing a company to work for. These elements need to be defined in order to establish a Value Proposition which allows your company to make the difference in the labor market.
Why employer branding
After having defined the company’s Value Proposition, this information must be at the candidate’s disposal through different channels. The internet and specifically social media platforms are now used to look for work. A company that does not have a strong online presence will not reach out to as many candidates. For this matter, both the company’s career site and their social media platforms need to be up to date and show what the company can offer in terms of values.

While career sites offer solely information, the use of social media platforms is where the company needs to generate interaction with the candidate, receiving a constant bi-directional feedback. Being able to attract the candidate through all these channels will generate an engagement with the company.

Added to all this online strategy, offline activities such as participating in HR events, are ways of approaching candidates, offering them information about the company’s Employer Brand Proposition, while generating motivation to join the company’s team.

Last but not least, current employees should not be forgotten in the definition of this Employer Branding Strategy, as they are the key elements of the company. Maintaining a motivated team is key for the productivity of any company and they are precisely the best ambassadors of a company’s Employer Brand.

Showing what the company stands for and which values they have will result in turning the selection process quicker and more efficient. With an effective Employer Branding strategy, your company will definitely attract and engage the best talent. Help potential candidates choose you!

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