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How to know that you have to quit your job?


It´s quite normal to have a couple of bad days at work, or maybe even a week. And it’s pretty common for the average person to grumble about a boss or co-worker from time to time. But how can you be sure if it´s just one of those day, or if it´s beginning to be one of those months?

You may think that leaving your position now is an inconvenience to your personal life but it could also be the best option for your long-term satisfaction. If you feel demotivated and that you can´t find back your motivation, maybe it´s time to make a career change.

Why do you have to quit your job?
Here are some clue to know if you have a bad week or if you have to quit:
  1. 1. You’re bored and uninspired.
    Do you remember when you first started working at your current job? Maybe you knew it wasn´t the job of your life, yet taking this particular job may have seemed like a good decision once, because of the pay, location or opportunity for advancement. But now, you can´t even find a reason to go, you go because you have to, but you don´t want to. Consider if you really want to continue putting up with this job eight hours (or more) every Monday through Friday.
  1. 2. You don’t fit in.
    You probably tolerate fairly well most of your co-workers. But you just don’t belong at the company. Maybe you´re better made for the start-up spirit, or at the contrary for a big company. Sometimes the company just doesn’t jibe with your morals, ethics or personality.
  1. 3. You don’t want the job your boss has.
    If you can’t stand the idea of being in your boss's shoes, then you should probably think about getting out.
  1. 4. You don’t care for the products or services.
    If you don´t fit in, or just don´t care about the products or services your company sells, it´s harder to be at 100% of yourself in your work.
  1. 5. You procrastinate.
    You really, honestly try to get some work done. But somehow you never really get around to it. Or you only do it at the last possible moment and then only do a half-baked effort.
  1. 6. Your skills aren’t being tapped.
    If you keep being passed over for high-profile projects or promotions, then clearly someone up top hasn't realized how talented you are. Instead of wasting your potential at a place where your work isn't acknowledged or respected, find somewhere else where you might bloom.
  1. 7. You’re stressed, anxious and unhappy.
    Of course you'll have those days when you wish you could just stay home and sleep in. Who doesn´t? But if that becomes a common occurrence, perhaps there's an underlying problem. Work might not always be much fun, but if you’re becoming anxious, unhappy or stressed out just from thinking about work, then do yourself a favor and get out while you can.
  2. 8. You spend Sunday night worrying about Monday morning.
    Instead of having a good and disconnecting Sunday, you´re thinking about how bad you don´t want to go to work on Monday, you should quit as soon as possible. If you´re so fed up with work that you can´t enjoy your weekend, this situation is really ruining your life.
  1. 9. Work days feel looooong and you don´t want to get up
    Quite simply, see point 7, you dread going into work.
  1. 10. You don’t care. About anything
    Things can go well or they can go badly for your workplace. Either way, you don’t really feel concerned.
  1. 11. Physical symptoms.
    You suffer from insomnia, headaches, low energy, muscle tension and/or other physical symptoms. Studies show that when you’re unhappy at work you’re more prone to experience these physical stress symptoms.
  1. 12. You keep promising yourself that you’ll quit.
    Instead of promising to quit your job every day, start being proactive outside work in making yourself presentable to the next company you'd like to work for or start transforming yourself into who you want to become.
Once you realize it might be time to leave your job, and that you’re not growing or learning anything new, it might be time to leave. You’ll first may set goals for yourself detailing what you are looking for in terms of responsibilities, company culture, compensation, and benefits. And you can also have a little time for yourself to get your happiness back!

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