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Human Resources Trends for 2017


We are approaching the end of 2016 and it is time to think about what is going to happen in 2017. How will the human resources sector behave? Are there going to be any important changes? Do we have to modify or adapt the way that we search for a new job?

Human resources trends for 2017
Here you have the 5 most important tendencies for 2017 in the Human Resources sector:
  1. Increase of the online presence
It is well known that in 2016 social media had a big influence in the HR sector. Recruiters use tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram to be in touch with candidates. This reality is going to continue in 2017, where the multimedia fields, as video CV, are going to be stronger. It is better to introduce yourself in a 5-minute video where you can show the recruiter how strong your pitch and your ability to summarize is.
  1. Multilingual profiles
The languages required are going to be quite similar: German is still the most demanded language, although Dutch is also going to be more demanded than in 2016. It is not necessary to say that English is still a must.
  1. The tendency of entrepreneurs
Although multinationals and big companies are the ones that are going to hire more, start-ups will be introduced in the human resource sector with force. They are going to manage high-volume recruitment processes to join their teams.  This is a great opportunity to those who’s priorities are not only having a stability at work or a high salary, but also to be part of a project from the very beginning.
  1. The importance of your brand
Continue with the last point, candidates now can choose in which company they want to work, they have the last word. That is why companies are going to invest in employer branding, that means: make their company suitable to work in. It is not only the salary and conditions, but also the social benefits, the team, the timetable, the offices and so on.
  1. Contract types
On the other hand, it’s expected that part time jobs and freelancers will increase in number in a near future. People are going to work by projects at home. This is perfect if you are searching for a job with high independency.
In a world full of changes (technological, economic, environmental, social and so on) the human resources sector has to be adapted to this new change to not die. That is why 2017 is going to come with some new trends related on multimedia, type of contracts and priorities of the candidates.

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