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New retail profiles powered by the technology


We have changed the way we buy things because of technology and as a consequence of this, the retail industry and the HR sector have been adapted to this new era, creating new roles for retail profiles.

Several technology trends have appeared in the last years and have altered the retail landscape. Nowadays, the most common customer and 

the trendy one is the digital customer who doesn’t need to go out to shop because of having everything with a click.
New retail profiles powered by technology
This new retail profiles have to work with this technology to provide better customer service, adapt the products to online environment, and create exclusive offers for the e-commerce.
If you are considering a job search in this sector, here you have some new retail profiles that are related to technology:
A very strong retail profile is the Omnichannel, a single senior executive responsible for coordinating online and offline activities in retail as well as overseeing the systems and technology, logistics and related operations the retail chain uses to manage its strategy across the company’s retail channels. The Chief is also in charge of store planning, design and construction. This new approach to the shopping market provides consumers with a consistent shopping experience across multiple retail channels, including the ability to view updates of all available inventory whether shopping online or in stores.
 Design artists can make logos, brand identities, illustrations and other artworks that stand out. These images and ideas that are presented in all forms of media come from professionals trained in the field of graphic aids. Many graphic designers work in fields such as specialized design services, advertising, publishing, public relations and retail with the aim of making customers fall in love with a product or a concept.

Graphic designers in stamping create visual concepts, by hand or using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers. They develop the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports. They create designs either by hand or using computer software packages.
Another brand-new retail profile is the Stock Allocator who is an analytical and numerical role suited to someone with a degree that involved maths, statistics, or quantitative modules.

Their role is crucial:  they ensure that lines are stocked at all times allowing customers the widest choice available. By supporting the Merchandising team, with reporting, placing orders and maintaining stock levels they help to deliver maximum sales and profit through effective planning, forecasting and stock management.  Furthermore, thanks to customer tracking tools they help increase customer satisfaction and promote loyalty by enhancing shoppers' in-store experience.

They are good communicators who liaise regularly with suppliers to ensure that orders are placed and deliveries are made according to agreed timescales. Moreover, they responsible for producing accurate and regular inventory information and ensuring that information databases are kept up to date as well as producing analysis reports with the aim of improving overall performance.
Thanks to technology the job market keeps developing itself as well as creating a whole lot of brand new retail profiles and high tech innovations that help retailers stay competitive in convenience, price, size and speed.
If your career plans are in retail you‘d better keep your internet connection working not to miss new job opportunities!

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