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Do you think that robots will replace workers in their jobs?


There has been a lot of talk about this topic, and we can all agree that yes, robots will replace workers at most jobs. We have only one option, accept it and adapt.

Humans have adapted to extreme situations throughout history and this will be no different.

There are various opinions about technological advancement, some believe it is excessive and some believe it is necessary. Wherever you stand with your opinion, this is our reality now.

The good news is that old jobs will be replaced by new ones. If you really think about it, how many new jobs are there since the early 00’s and how many have disappeared? We still live in a functional society, maybe now more than ever.

Robots will replace workers in their jobs, right?
A new way of working is being developed, it is called HRC (Human-Robot Collaboration). Robots will assist humans while operating, the robot will complement the human’s abilities. This means that will be the end of hard labor, there will be no need for lifting heavy loads anymore, and risk injury.
This itself will create a new line of jobs, improve quality and maximize ROI.
Where do Human resources professionals stand in this?

As many of you know, the human resources area has evolved tremendously, it has become a fundamental tool to companies growth and better overall results. This is due to the fact that HR cares about their employees, if they are happy and motivated, and we also give major importance to continuous training and development.

Now more than ever HR Management will be the key factor to support this major technological development. We will have to be the first ones to adapt and accept this change.

We will have, more than ever, an active voice when it comes to management and we will carefully establish strategies to prepare employees and to teach them how to better cooperate with robots.

As it was stated in the world economic forum in may 2015 “Talent, not Capital, will be the key factor linking innovation, competitiveness and growth”. 
In addition, do not be concerned, because technology can never replace human touch.

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