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Some tips on how not to get fired


While no one has the assurance that you will not get fired, after getting a job our dreams or one that we really need, the goal is not get fired at all. These are some tips to make sure it won’t happen.

How not to get fired - TSP blog

Have a good relationship with your boss

Often the reason you are dismissed is not the quality of your work. You may be a great professional, but if you do not get on well with the boss, you may end up creating a conflict within the team maintaining a good relationship with him/her is essential.

Be responsible

Be careful with all the commitments you make. Your boss will appreciate you more if you are a responsible person. And before undertaking any tasks, it is important that you make sure that you can handle them.

Do not gossip

If you are in a group that, for whatever reason, starts gossiping about someone's life, move away. It’s possible that your coworkers don’t understand it but you must remember that gossip adds nothing to your income.

Be indispensable

Show yourself willing to help and do the job for which you are paid. Try to be useful in every way you can. If you have free time, ask to participate in side projects. However, do not overwhelm yourself doing too much.

Be careful in discussions

In times of stress, we tend to talk unnecessary things. Try to keep your head in one place and do not say more than you need to solve a situation. But do not be too sensitive to be offended by some remarks made by a colleague. Try to balance your feelings and deal with discussions in a serious and professional manner. Try to be assertive.

Be punctual

It seems obvious, but it does not cost to repeat: arriving late shows lack of commitment to work. In addition, it takes you longer to get into the rhythm which of course bothers the boss and the team.

Do not lie or give excuses

No one likes to be deceived. And this is how we feel when we discover a lie. If you had to deliver something and could not do it, it's no use telling false stories because the truth always comes to the surface.

Work as a team!

You cannot only see your own work and not care about other colleagues or departments. You should all work together, for the wellbeing of the company.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”, Henry Ford.


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