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Of the importance of appearances


Here at Talent Search People, you'll have a hard time finding two people with the same passport, mother tongue or cultural background. So yes, multiculturalism is our thing. Each one of us, with his or her personal story, arrived in Barcelona one day and decided to stay. And started looking for a job. We've been there, we know what it's like.

Fresh starts are always an opportunity: for growth, for learning, for change. Barcelona offers an incredible platform and an energetic vibe which makes you believe you can be anything, do anything (yes, we all wanted to set up a chringuito on the beach at some point), basically freedom. Nevertheless, upon hitting the labor market, many of us experience a certain cold shower effect at some point. Why?

Applying for jobs is a process which is ruled by numerous social and cultural conventions and stereotypes which we all know rather well in our own country of origin. Nobody in France would ever address a recruiter or hiring manger by his or her first name, no German would send an application without writing a cover letter and no one in Britain goes to a job interview in jeans. It's simply a no-go. Curiously, the Barcelona breeze seems to wisp all these conventions out of the window, presenting recruiters with some bizarre situations.

Today: first impressions.

The very first impression a recruiter or hiring manager will get of you is your resume and, more specifically, your picture. Here in Spain it is absolutely up to you whether you'd like to add one or not. Nevertheless, should you choose to do so, please choose wisely.

Here some questions you should always ask yourself regarding your picture:

1.    What do I want to transmit with this photo?
General standard values would be: trustworthiness, confidence, accessibility. Unless you are applying for a position in the food sector, it is advisable for the picture not to contain any actual food. This means: no cakes, chickens or orange-strawberry smoothies. The only thing you are likely to provoke is hunger.


2.    Is the quality good?
If even your mother would mistake you for Bilbo the hobbit, don't add it. If it's a picture of you at 16    and you are now 25, don't add it. Use common sense, the idea is for people to associate your photo     to the person they're meeting.

3.    Can you actually see my whole face?
If you're not applying for a model agency, please send us a picture of you, not your legs. No, cut-outs    from a group picture don't count, there's always a scary half a person appearing at the edges.

4.    Have I chosen the picture or is the only one I have at hand?
If your answer is the latter, you might reconsider.

Don't forget, first impressions are important. If you decide to leave a visual one, choose carefully. And use common sense. Simply: would you do the same back home?

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