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Soft skills - the key to the success?


Can creativity be learned? Are interpersonal skills with us from the day of birth? Popular nowadays soft skills are conquering the labor market. Read the article about how to measure, identify and educate.

ABC of soft skills:

Increasingly, the employer's right next to the list of hard skills and years of experience in the requirements punctuate soft skills. These are skills that facilitate effective cooperation in the environment, private and professional life. The most popular soft skills are:

- Communication
- Creativity
- Flexibility
- Assertiveness
- Self-reliance
- Ability to work in a group
- Time management
- Dynamism action

Soft skills are a very important area in the assessment of the attractiveness of candidates, especially for the posts of sales, marketing and managing. But not only. Popularization trend of crossing many areas makes communication in the case of the profession programmer also proves to be an asset. It may happen that the two candidates with the same qualifications and seniority will fight with each other only within soft competencies. Of course, much depends on the industry in which the company specializes. You should remember that ability of “selling yourself” pays off. This is what we do during each interview, we are showing our best skills as a suitable employee.


Do you therefore need to recognize soft skills in your resume? Do you should leave a space of their presentation at the meeting tête-à-tête? For each curriculum vitae is important credibility. Do not stipple skills that we will not be able to defend during a routine call. Well, the most praise must be creative, but when we are not afraid of questions about the number of leaves on a tree. Self-assessment by nature is sometimes subjective. Defining its soft advantages, you can make use psychological tests (with the well-proven sources!). It should also seek very accurate and valuable comments coming. Asking a trusted person with an honest list of attributes that describe us, we gain invaluable, objective information. In such consultations, wary better skip the mother who always will lift us to the heights of everything.
Soft skills - innate or acquired?

Soft skills - innate or acquired?

Soft skills can be educated. Not everyone is destined to the role of an early innovator, but creativity can be learned.
However, there is nothing that strengthens competence to practice. A great space for the practical acquisition of soft skills are an additional activity. It is worth to remember them even when education. Involvement in student organizations, volunteering, or projects of non-governmental fantastic promotes the development of soft - train the ability to work in a team, communication skills, time management (e.g. Multitasking). Monitoring and motivation can make daily, even trivial duties turn into permanent training. Planning the day, carefully talking with people, settling themselves with deadlines, catching errors and fix them. Each of these small steps shapes the most desirable personal features.

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