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Social Media Manager, is it a dream job?


It is hard to imagine a modern company that is not present in social media. Not without reason it is said that if someone is not on Facebook - probably does not exist. Social media are so popular that many people are seeking an opinion whether the offer of a company, just looking at their profile. No wonder that every company should have a person who will take care of professional marketing in social media. What does the Social Media Manager do? How to become one? Read this article in which you will learn the answers to these questions.

Social media manager-dream job? | TSP Blog

Social Media Manager who is he and what he does?

A few years ago, companies need most often simply specialist. Social media. Today, the profession has a lot of expertise, we can say that from year to year, there are more and more.

Social Media Manager is responsible for communication between the company and customers using all available social media networks. Often this profession combines not only the managerial tasks, but also project management, specialized in video marketing, copywriting, marketing and elements of customer service.

His job is to prepare the entire strategy, which will make the company's presence in social media is coherent and logical. To do this he requires knowledge of potential customers brand behavior of Internet users, and how they works. So the useful knowledge is not only in the field of PR and marketing, but also in such areas psychology or sociology.

What should be the Social Media Manager?

In addition, the social media manager needs perfectly navigate the social media, know their functions and do not have a problem with the news, he must have other skills and qualities useful in this position.

First of all, Social Media Manager should be interested in what is happening in the industry, focused on continuous learning and expanding their skills. As mentioned above, social media are not in one place. Constantly something is changing, and Social Media Manager must be prepared for such changes. They should not deter him.

Important in this profession is also creativity, ease-of-way with words and light feather. Social Media Manager must be communicative and open - in the end through the media communicates with the client or potential client for whom everything should be clear and understandable. In addition, the media are dynamic, so Social Media Manager needs to quickly respond to comments, answer fully, be prepared for the stress, and not subject to emotions. If a comment is rude, he must keep the class, regardless of whether it is upset or not.

It is hard to imagine a Social Media Manager who does not have a profile on popular portals, he does not write, do not blog or never had any interaction with the user. In addition, all the media we have, to be his true calling card. Certainly recruiter check how the candidate handles social media, watch his profile. It is to thus convinced that the potential employee performs even privately very good job in terms of its image in the network.

Social Media Manager position may be an ideal activity for people who in social media feels like a fish in the water. It must be remembered that addressing it requires a lot more effort than just an account and insert profile interesting posts. Knowledge of PR and Internet marketing, customer contact, and all the possibilities of social media is essential and should be constantly updated.

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