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Perfect time to make a career change!


There is never a bad time to reconsider your career. In fact, analyzing your current situation on a periodic basis helps you determine if you are on the right track towards professional fulfillment by allowing you to contrast it with what you initially sought out for. By doing this, you may come to realize that in many aspects, the company you work for no longer lives up to your expectations, and so, if several of the following symptoms reviewed in this article feel a little too familiar, you should probably consider changing employers.

Of course the decision to change jobs isn’t one that comes easily; it’s one of those “easier said than done” life challenges. But here are 8 symptoms you should stay alert to, that indicate you are in a work environment that is not holding up to the standards you deserve. Use these 8 aspects as a guide to start asking yourself hard questions on where you stand, and be prepared to act according to your answers. The presence of just a couple of these symptoms is definitely not reason enough to make a rash decision, especially not before taking a realistic look at the market´s status; but if you do feel identified with more than just a few of these signs, it may be time to consider taking your career towards a new path.

Perfect time to do a change career

The company is not interested in you
To the same extent that you can serve your company, the company should serve you. The task of a good organization is to ensure the employee with opportunity for professional development, acquiring new skills, competencies and additional promotion. If the company is not interested in this, what your goals are, and does not support your development plan, this is probably not the place you would like to commit to for the long run.

If the work does not challenge you; you feel you are doing the same repetitive duties every day; and your salary and occupational status remain unchanged – these are all bad signs. You can certainly count on the possibility of this changing in the near future- but the coexistence of all three aspects is usually not a good testament of the company´s values and this may imply a bad forecast for your professional future.

Do not hate your boss
Reasons not to like your superior, can be plenty. You might not like him because he doesn’t have time for you, he is not interested in your professional ambitions, and does not support you, but it may also be because you’re dealing with a boss who, despite your best effort, treats you as an employee of a lower category. In both cases, you have to ask yourself if you are willing to wait out for things to change, or whether you should take care of yourself by going to another organization.

You and your company are two different organisms
It’s not uncommon for your own values to differ from those of the company you work for on several matters. This can happen even in terms of the approach to ethics and social responsibility. But if the difference is quite significant, it is usually a sign that the incompatibility of values and ideas may lead to tension between you and your colleagues. This can hold out for a short period of time, but eventually it will become tiresome and you will end up feeling uncomfortable.

The company only choses people from the outside
You will probably not notice it right away after joining the company, but over time it may become obvious. If the promotions or appointments do not reach the employees, but only recruits people from the outside, there is a high probability that your chances for development and career advancement are limited. You can also see this for yourself when you are repeatedly passed over for promotion or increase. This would mean that either you're not appreciated in your company or your organization is not in the habit of promoting inside people. Both variants do not bode well.

The company goes to the bottom
The captain, of course, should not leave the ship first, but ordinary sailors are not concerned. If the organization is not going well, budgets are being cut, wages frozen, employees reduced, and opportunities for improvement of the situation are nowhere to be seen, it is difficult to find a reasoning to stay in such an undertaking.

You earn less than you should
With payroll reports you can easily see what the average wages are in particular industries and specific positions in your country. If you know you earn less than your counterparts in other companies, you should try to change that. And if you do not have that option in your organization, you should think about switching to an employer who will be able to meet your financial expectations.

You feel work and stress are synonyms
If every day before going to work you feel a tightness in your stomach, and you feel relief after leaving the office, these are signs that you should think about changing environments. Especially when the reason for the continuing nervousness is your relationship with colleagues. Working in such hectic conditions usually brings no satisfaction. For your own health, you should make it a priority to find a new employer.

Do you see yourself in any of the symptoms? Do more than just a few ring a bell? Maybe it’s a perfect time for change.

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