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Ways to motivate your employees


How to properly motivate your employees? The solution to this puzzle is much simpler than you might suppose. On the one hand, to maintain your team at a high level of motivation, a good starting point is to show them your appreciation by giving positive feedback on the work they’re doing. On the other, money is still the most popular source of motivation, but it doesn’t ultimately contribute to the growth of employee involvement in their daily work. So what then, is the key to motivation?
Ways to motivate your employees

An important fact to take into consideration is that data shows that on average, less than 20% of employees are involved in their work! Many companies struggle with lack of motivation within their teams. No matter how much effort you put into motivating your employees, the ugly truth is that enthusiasm over time will eventually start to decrease. Although the task of stimulating your employees is a difficult one, it is not impossible, and it doesn’t –only- come down to money. There are still several other ways to effectively engage your team members with their duties and up their performance levels as a result. But let’s start at the beginning and go from there.

It’s often said that, "Money isn’t everything," but we all know very well that that doesn’t mean it’s not important. Everyone dreams of a rewarding salary that makes us feel that the work we do allows us to meet our life needs while keeping us content. So even if money is only short-term solution to the problem of motivation at work, you should be aware that someday you will have to talk about a promotion.

It’s hard to imagine employees being satisfied in an organization that cannot provide any bonus or extra benefits. A clearly defined system for granting financial gratification is essential, and allows the employee to anticipate and plan his or her income, depending on their current needs.

We all like nice surprises, especially those that come from the heart and have a special meaning for the recipient. The same goes for the workplace, where we can also make a small gift to our subordinates from time to time. Nothing builds trust and a sense of identification with the company more than knowing we are appreciated and noticed by our superiors. It is also a great opportunity to test how employees react to an unexpected nice gesture and what type of non-financial gratification will give them the greatest pleasure. One thing is certain: this kind of positive reinforcement promotes respect and loyalty towards superiors and colleagues and help build a good work atmosphere.

3-Team spirit.
How to create a friendly work environment in which everyone works together fruitfully? It’s quite simple: organize office contests and promote healthy competition. Contrary to appearances, competition not only integrates the whole team, but also motivates each employee individually to achieve dream results. Rewarding is the oldest, but still one of the most effective methods of raising motivation in the workplace. However, be aware that the end trophy doesn’t have to be expensive, because in this case, the emphasis should be on initiative. Well-performed competition breaks the office routine and shows that the company is not afraid of creative solutions. It is also an excellent opportunity to have fun and incite mutual inspiration, as well as honoring the most engaged employees for their efforts.

Satisfied subordinates not only perform better on their daily duties, but also enhance the credibility and thus the company's position in the market. Most importantly, high motivation does not always depend on the attractive prizes, but on how and what it will be assigned to. But never forget that for most workers the best non-financial gratification is simply a sincere smile or a good word from their supervisor.

Employers, this is your time to pump up your team!

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