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Languages of the future


Learning a foreign language ​​is always a good investment. In fact, you should learn as many foreign languages ​​as possible so you can communicate with more people around the world. Thus, the knowledge of different languages ​​is important not only for work but also for personal development, entertainment, etc. Moreover, in times of facilitated interpersonal communication, progressive globalization of language skills is essential for functioning in society and in social life. Just a few years ago a good education meant investing in English. However, nowadays, the forecasts tend to be in several languages, which may be the perfect bargaining chip in recruitment and more in many years. The unquestioned leader of languages ​​of the future is English. Many people treat English as a standard and the basis of their language education, thus gaining a better position in the global labor and education world.

The foreign languages ​​that are worth learning are undoubtedly English but combined as well as with languages ​​of your neighbor countries with whom your county is already doing business. Considering the development of the international trade and cooperation with Asian partners, Chinese is also worth learning.

A universal language, in which we have the chance to communicate and be understood all over the world is without doubt English. More and more often English is not enough. It is important to know the languages ​​of your partners to succeed in international trade. Among the largest partners in the economic world beside the Americans are the Chinese. It is true that both Chinese and Japanese people are well-versed in English, but the business negotiations and the business contacts in national languages ​​like Chinese are considered more valuable and more fruitful. For this reason, not only in the trade but also in the transport, logistics and distribution industries, it is important to know the other language.

Faced with the recent arrival of Islamic refugees in Europe, Arabic is perhaps the language of the future. Both socially and economically. Indeed, many companies work with entrepreneurs in the Middle East using Arabic, even though it is not a popular language to learn. The situation is dynamically changing, which can be observed by the number of courses and the opportunity to learn available.

Languages of the future

In the Spanish market, due to geographical reasons, the future-oriented foreign language is French and German. German is the language occupying a place right next to English in Europe and third place in the world. German is economically powerful, so German is still an important code of social communication around the world. The European Union and the opening of borders have strengthened Spanish-German co-operation, and as a result, many companies export or import materials, products and services in both directions. A number of German companies have opened branches and subsidiaries in Spain, and some have even set up production plants in Spain. Therefore, to work in German companies or closely cooperating with Germany and operating in the German market, good or even proficient knowledge of German is essential.

Russian is another language to keep in mind for the future. Lots of companies from many industries are trying to enter the eastern market, but mainly to Russia. They need Russian workers. Although with the development of the conflict in Ukraine and the cooperation with Russia, the trade has dimmed. In spite of everything, one should expect in the coming years the importance of the Russian language. Learning the language can be more fruitful in other countries than just in Spain. Western companies are actively recruiting staff of all specializations with knowledge of Russian.

Despite the views on the development and growing importance of French, it is a language that does not lose its value. The passing years has not harmed the French language, which is still regarded as a language of elegance and sophistication, a language of diplomacy and salons throughout the world.

Among the languages ​​of the future, because of the number of people speaking is, is Spanish. Although in Europe it is not as popular, it is one of the leading languages ​​in the world trade. Every other language we have the chance to master, is an investment in our creativity, brain health, activity and fulfillment of the needs of self-realization. It is worth remembering that with each language we learn it becomes easier to learn the next one, especially from the same language origin. Depending on personal preference for language learning, the focus should be on at least two languages, one of which should be English.

Post by: Dagna Szudy

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