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Millenials, the next generation of employees


The ¨Millennials¨, also known as the generation (Y), and younger generations will be taking over 75% of the labor market in the next eight years. This creates a number of challenges for business owners. How to meet the needs and preferences of the young generation at work? What should employers do? Most of the predictions you can read in the media about the Millennials involve the perspective of the employer and how they are perceived by management boards of companies. In the meantime, for a better understanding of this new group of employees, it may be worthwhile to look at the professional reality from their point of view.

The rigid formal rules that have been developed by other generations of organizational culture, the difficulty of getting constructive feedback, or the difficulty of finding a common language with more experienced employees are just a few examples of the obstacles that Millenials find each day in multiple organizations. Research has confirmed that their problem is often related to the belief that they lack development opportunities and that they misunderstand the expectations of their superiors. Thus, another difficulty in fulfilling these expectations is revealed. It’s a lack of patience. Millennials also want to have a real impact on how they do their work in the company. If they do not find the conditions described here or they do not want to understand the work environment, then they are looking for another place to work for themselves. As it turns out, Generation Y is faithful to the values, and their loyalty and attachment to the company they employ depends on the ability to develop their skills, the flexibility of their working hours and the sense that their work has a higher purpose and meaning.

Millenials, the next generation of employees

Provide feedback

The new generation is accustomed to receive information almost immediately. When the Millenials need help resolving the problem, they often turn to their friends, look for a solution on the Internet, or simply post a question in a popular social media site. For young generations it is a natural way of coping with difficulties. Therefore, in this context, managers must increasingly assume the role of mentors, providing support and assistance. In turn, the present used annual assessment should be replaced by the so-called constant feedback. This is a new management approach, based on direct and frequent contact between the employee and the manager.

Put on the right communication

The high technological competence of the Millennials goes hand in hand with their strong commitment to social media. It is through them that representatives of the young generation make contact, conduct interviews, and document their daily activities. Companies that want to create a modern and intuitive working environment should base their solutions on functionalities derived from the most popular social networking sites.

Take care of development

Millennia’s want to grow. It is why they value training and want opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills. Consequently, appropriate learning conditions should be created in line with their expectations. In this area it is worth putting on the modern e-learning cloud platform. Thanks to them, the manager can easily adjust the scope and form a training of a given employee taking into account his current and potential role in the organization. Modern training platforms also provide the opportunity to learn from each other, evaluate and recommend training and courses. Also it combines the training with group collaboration online. And this in the context of Millennials preferences is important. What's more modern is the openness to work under the mentor's wings. They expect an individual approach to their professional development. Modern solutions enable the mentor and his partner to be connected and then monitored for their activity.

Representatives of the new generation of employees want to grow and have a sense that their career is not in place. Employers and managers in the area of performance management and staffing provide information systems, especially those that can be accessed independently of time and place. Thanks to them, managers can build career paths, create a pool of talented people (talent) in the company and then manage their development appropriately. This is especially important in terms of preparing the right employee as a potential successor for a future position in the organization.

There is no doubt that the new generations of workers entering the labor market face many challenges for the employers. In keeping up with them, they can help create the appropriate approach to the Millenials and the representatives of the Z generation by looking at their perspectives, understanding the obstacles they face every day. Organizations that meet the Millennium expectations will have a much greater chance of attracting them, using their potential, and placing them on the path to their careers. In this regard, technology can undoubtedly help.

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