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Recruitment process: 3 Ways to Avoid Hiring Nightmares


For more than 11 years now, Talent Search People has helped many employers in countless recruitment processes. We understand the challenge that companies are facing when recruiting and we wanted to share the most important tips on how to avoid hiring a nightmare.

For sure making bad hires is part of the leadership journey. Having tough conversations is part of that journey as well. Hiring the wrong person will make you wiser and stronger than you were before. However, one in four employers are not so sure why they hired the wrong person. A common answer is "sometimes you just make a mistake". Actually, there are 2 main reasons why a new worker is fired within the first 90 days of employment. Either they're not good at their job or they're too hard to work with. If you stick to the following golden rules for hiring new employees, you will have smooth and successful recruitment processes.

Recruitment process: 3 Ways to Avoid Hiring Nightmares
To avoid hiring the wrong person ask yourself these 3 questions:
1. Does the candidate really want the job?
2. Do I really want to work with this person?
3. Is the candidate a good fit for the company culture?

Hire people who really want the job...
One of the most asked questions on a job interview is “What do you know about our company” and it is not just a simple cliché question. Asking this question during the recruitment process will help you evaluate the motivation of the candidate. It´s important to know how much research has the candidate done, does he know where your business has been and where it is going. This will show you if he sees himself in this company. The best candidates will also have a clue on how they can help your company, they will suggest potential projects and tasks they could do at your business, if they get the job. Again, this shows commitment from the candidate.

Hire people whom you would like to work with...
Too many companies focus exclusively on the job duties and whether or not a candidate is qualified for those specific duties. Such a hiring process fails to take into account many of the essential attributes that result in a good long-term hire. To consider a candidate, you should pay attention to their personal qualities. Will you feel comfortable working with this person and vice versa? It´s not wrong to ask yourself if you are going to have fun working with him/her, are you going to be intellectually challenged and how he/she will take a feedback.

Hire people who will fit best in your company...
Maybe you manage an international company, where employees have to follow strict guidelines or you are hiring for a start-up with very flexible structure, in the both cases your employees will spend 40 hours per week on the work place so make sure it’s a place they like. When looking for professionals to join your team make sure, they know very well your company and the values you stand for. Every office has its own specific rhythms. Will your new hires fit in and complement your existing staff or will they feel uncomfortable? If they are not able to become part of that community, you will have to repeat the recruitment process.

Hiring the right person is like finding your other half. You have to know yourself first in order to build a solid, long and prosperous relationship. Employers are starting to realize that hiring the right person is crucial to a positive work environment and to hitting their company goals. They also realize that hiring the wrong person can poison the employee pool and reverberate for quite some time. One bad hire can cost time, money, and the loss of good employees. Remember to hire slow and fire fast - not the other way around - if you want your culture to be consistent.

Writen by Artemis Spiridou

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