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HR Consultancies: the best form to talk with them


Many job seekers are confused about how hiring works, and, specifically, about how to work with recruiters. It is important to understand their role and how the process works, in order to be successful. Let´s talk about the best ways to communicate with recruiters and Human Resources Consultancies.

How to approach a HR Consultancy
The first thing you should do before you contact recruiters is to learn how to use your personal brand for a career change. Make sure you have you CV and you social accounts up to date and then use every possible channel to reach out the recruiters. Nowadays social media is a great way to stand out from the crowd and get in touch with the HR consultancies. Follow the company on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and through blogs; the more you put your name out there, the more dedicated and knowledgeable you will look to an employer. A great way to interact and be up to date with the company´s news is to join their Linkedin groups.
After that, apply for open positions online. Once you have applied online, send an email or Linkedin message to the recruiter introducing yourself and stating that you have already applied. This saves the recruiter time since you are already in the electronic database and, more importantly, it shows you´re proactive. Also, always attach your resume to the email so that the recruiter may look at it immediately. An email or Linkedin message is often the best way to reach out to recruiters because it allows a reply on their own schedule during busy times.

HR Consultancies: the best form to talk with them

What to do if a HR Consultancy is trying to approach you
Most people aren’t ready to talk to recruiters. Sometimes employees from a Human Resources Consultancy contact us because they search by keyword for someone with our studies, experience or current employer and not because we sent them our CV. And when they find our profile they have to cold contact us. It´s not easy to contact someone who you don’t know and doesn’t know you. My advice is simple – don´t ignore the recruiters. It takes 2 to 3 minutes to respond a call or an email. You may be missing out a great next step in your career if you don´t talk to them. Don´t make a decision if you don’t know enough about the opportunity. Information is key in the competitive world we live today and communication is the way to knowledge.
When talking to recruiter is important to know if they work for a (external) staffing agency or they are (internal) corporate recruiter.
A corporate (internal) recruiter
An employee within the Human Resources department of a company who is responsible for hiring of individuals within that organization. The corporate recruiters are not hiring for multiple companies, so you have to show them you interest in this exact position and company. Corporate recruiters are company employers, they live the company culture and will value your profile depending on either your share their company culture or not.
A staffing (external) agency recruiter
Only know the culture from what they can observe in limited meetings and primarily what the hiring manager tells them it is. Staffing agency recruiters work hard to fill positions because that’s how they get paid and how they develop a good reputation and continue to get contracts. When talking to a staffing agency recruiter you can feel free to share your goals, because if you don´t fit for the currently open positions they will have you in mind for future once that adjusts more to your needs.

If you are absolutely sure you aren't interested, just respond and say no, but keep the recruiter's contact details. Keep the name, number, email, date, and notes on what you have talked to this recruiter about. You never know what is the next job they are going to have. It may be your dream job and you want to be able to reach to them first on that one!

Writen by Artemis Spiridou

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